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Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 344 [ Back To Jamaica 2 / Finally Arrive ] - Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 344 [ Back To Jamaica 2 / Finally Arrive ]

My sister told me that the flight from New York to Jamaica would have been a 10:00 am flight. But it was actually a 11:00 am flight. So I got to the airport a little earlier than expected. I was there chatting with some Jamaicans who were in New York. I then went through security and on the plane. I tried sleeping but I couldnt sleep properly so I was there trying to read magazines and watching movies. I finally got to Jamaica at about 3:15 pm and I was greeted with scorching heat while I was still in my sweater and wind breaker. the Kingston Airport changed up a bit from the last time I was there. My friend Natalie who works at the airport saw me while I was heading off the plane, and while I was in the line to enter Jamaica, they called me aside. So I didnt have to stay in the long line but the customs officer guy said its not the normal policy to do what they did, but ONLY because he knew my sister why he gave me a bly. The other persons in the line were of course looking on and wondering why the heck they are still in the long line.

I eventually came out of the airport and saw the persons there staring at me... I thought I left that in Japan !!!... However, I think it was because of the red wind breaker, and me looking like I have no clue where to go. One of my cousins along with my sister eventually picked me up and dropped me home... I got home at about 4:00 pm and greeted my neighbours plus gave my mom a BIIG HUG..... I then went by my aunt and chatted a bit. They were in high spirits though.

I could see the clear difference in culture on each airline that I took..... From Japan to California, the flight had about 85% asians...... from New York to California, the flight had about 85% whites.. and From New York to Jamaica, the flight had about 90% mixed race and blacks.

Thank God I got home safely.

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