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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 346 ( Back In Jamaica 4 / Funeral Day ) Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 346 ( Back In Jamaica 4 / Funeral Day )

So today is the day of my cousin's funeral. I got ready and drove a couple of persons over to my church yard which was filled to the capacity with cars. I can't recall ever seeing so many cars in the church yard in its almost 22 years of existence. I also cant recall seeing so many persons over by my church. Many had to stay outside in 2 tents that were provided by the company that he worked for. Many other persons had to stand outside and look in. I was surprised that my dad showed up at the funeral. The last time I saw my dad was probably 2006. I got him a seat at the front of the church though, where family members and relatives were seated. The funeral started a little late because the funeral programs were not yet ready up to 30 minutes after the funeral was supposed to begin. 600 funeral programs were printed and they all finished in no time. Tributes were given by his schools and digicel his last workplace. His sister and I, both did refelctions on his life. Here are the videos:

There wasn't really any loud crying of such like the traditional Jamaican funeral. A few tears here and there but that was it. Even though he died so tragically, I think he lived a good life. I don't know if anyone has anything bad to say about him. He was kind, dedicated, hard working, caring, a little on the nonchalant side but fun loving. The funeral went well and it was well attended. I saw many old friends and I took a whole bunch of pictures. We then drove to the burial plot in a place known as dovecot in St. Catherine. It was my first time driving to this area (going on John's road) which can sometimes be dangerous. We all had a police escort though. It feels good driving my car after such a long time. There was a little more crying at the burial spot than inside the church, so I stayed away from that area. After the funeral we stopped back at the church and ate food, then we all went to our different places.


lucie said...

DAve I watched the videos and I am deeply touched. I still cannot believe andre is gone. But as you say death is not the end.

Also when I saw the man I was like isnt that ur dad? and then u confirmed. TAke care and nuff luve

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...what u talking about John's Road dangerous to drive on? What about it make it dangerous? Listen man...nuh bother spread nuh rumour.

Anyboyd can request a Police escort for a funeral processions...it's one of the services the Police suppose to give. It allows you to get a smooth flow to the burial ground without having to stop at traffic lights and such. It's the same in the US too and many other countries.