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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 353 { Back To Jamaica 11 / Shopping In Brooklyn New York / Daylight Savings Time} Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 353 { Back To Jamaica 11 / Shopping In Brooklyn New York / Daylight Savings Time }

Me, my sister and her friend who we stayed with in New York, went on the road to do some shopping in Brooklyn and at a mall known as the Green Acres Mall. I got a bunch of long sleeve shirts with tie, and a whole lot of other stuff for very very cheap. I don't know how I am going to fit all these things in the suit cases. Walking around in Brooklyn and checking out the stores, it felt like Jamaica because there are Jamaicans everywhere. Almost every single person you heard speaking, was a Jamaican, the only difference is that the place was very cold. We were out for a good portion of the day, and I was supposed to meet up with my friend Gregory in Brooklyn. He was actually at the funeral but left back for Brooklyn the following Monday. He said he would be coming from Long Island which was about 20 mins away from where I was staying. Me, my sister and her friend, got some food at Green Acres mall in the evening, then we went back to the house.

My friend then picked me up at about 11:30 pm in the night and we stopped by his sister's place in Queens. I haven't seen his sister and nephew in like 10 years. At his sister's house, they told me that at 2:00 am on sunday morning, the daylight savings time thing is going to take effect and so 2:00am will change to 3:00 am.... Which means my flight time is closer than I realized... I then called the airport to query the time difference and what effect it will have on my flight... The guy said the flight will be at 7 am Sunday morning no matter what happens. Gregory then dropped me by his girlfriend's apartment in Long Island, in the weee hours of the morning at about 1 am.... I spoke with her briefly and found out that she was also an anime junky like myself... Gregory then dropped me back to my sister friend's place at about 3:30 am with the new time change thing. Why did this Daylight savings thing have to happen on the day when I have a flight??? I didnt even sleep, I went straight into the bathroom for a shower and di my final sorting out of luggage etc.

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