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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 357 { Will I Be Re-Contracted? } Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 357 { Will I Be Re-Contracted? }

Happy Birthday Michelle....It was good seeing you in Jamaica.

I went to my main school today and the teachers were quite elated to see me (if they weren't then they did a fine job tricking me). One even stood up and clapped as I entered. I did four (4) classes today instead of the usual three (3) because of my recent absence. I showed a couple of the teachers some of the pictures I took while in Jamaica, and they were glued to the laptop screen.

Later in the day, I heard that a couple a persons were not going to be re-contracted by our company... This means that:

1) They may have to get out of their apartment very soon and possibly get out of the country as well.

2) They may have to scramble to get a job at short notice, in a time when jobs are extremely difficult to come by.

3) They may have to find a new sponsor so that they can still stay in Japan (if they want to stay).... Some persons however cannot afford the fare to go back to their respective countries...

So this is what the company can do to you if you are not careful... They can royally mess you up... Their aim is to make a profit, and if you are not helping them, then you can be fired or not re-contracted... The company don't normally tell the persons why they are not re-contracted either....It can be anything.... ranging from:

1) The company did not get back the contract with the Board of Education in your area
2) One or more of your schools did not like you, or did not like how you did your job
3) The Board of Education did not like you, or like how you did your job
4) The company saw you more as a liability
5) You disrespected someone from one of your schools, the board of education or the company (whether purposefully or not).

It can be any of these things or even more. But you will never find out unless you have some sort of inside link.

I started to worry about myself and if I was going to be re-contracted or not....knowing fully well that I cannot afford a ticket right now to go back to Jamaica..... Not only that, but my Japanese visa will expire on March 20, 2009...Thats 9 days from now... and even though I already applied for the visa extention, I am yet to pick it up from the visa office, simply because I took tooo many days from work already and refuse to ask even for half day more......So technically after the 20th, I would be in Japan illegally.... I need to call the immigration office and ask them how this thing goes... Unnu pray fi mi....

Later in the evening, I finally received my luggage that was left in California... everything was intact and ok...

1 comment:

michelle said...

hahaha... so im reading ur blog and see 'happy birthday michelle' and im like, "Dave knows another michelle?" i check the date and realized its meee. i mean, what are the chances eh?

Thanks Dave! it was great seeing you too. was like you never left :)