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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 360 { Shopping Spy } Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 360 { Shopping Spy }

Today I went to the main city to conduct a little research thing... ... Ohh I am currently doing this thing where I check out some stores and shops to see how good their customer service etc is. Again, I cannot say the name of the company that I do it under, but its like they get contracts from many big, multinational companies. The contract is for this private company to employ random persons and ask them to do some random shopping or just check out a store... At the end, we submit a report then we get paid..... Yes so its almost like spying... The company we do this under will then send back a report to the multinational company based on our findings....So those who do this, have to be very careful that we try as best as possible, not to make the shop owner people or any of the workers, know what we are doing.... Or else, we will be in BIIG trouble.... But hey, its fun.....

So the job today was to check out a very famous sports store (chances are its one of those that are running through your head now) to see how their customer service is and if the place is well put together etc...Well initially, the store attendant guy was a bit hesitant because he saw a foreigner come into the store... But later he was ok... I spent about 20-25 mins in the store, trying on some very expensive clothes, then I went away.... After this, I visited the Jamaican store in my city to purchase a patois (Jamaican dialect) to Japanese book... I also visited the Jamaican restaurant. I bought stewed chicken, Jerk chicken and rice and peas.... No it wasn't a whole lot of food I got but the food was expensive in comparison to how much we would pay for that same hing in Jamaica.....Afterward I went back to my apartment.

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