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Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 366 { 1 YEAR IN JAPAN / Radio Show #4 } Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 366 { 1 YEAR IN JAPAN / Radio Show #4 }

Wow can you believe it guys???? I made it through 1 year of living in Japan and hardly knowing the language!!!! I surprise myself... Can't believe I did it, especially when I wanted to go home so bad after the 1st month or 2... Going through the year it felt like 5 years passed.. But when it got to 1 year...It felt like It was only yesterday I came to Japan...... Yeah its a bit strange I know.....
I find it so weird that when I am in Japan, I miss Jamaica so much...Well more so my friends and family in Jamaica.... But while in Jamaica for my short visit, I felt as if I wanted to come back to Japan, because of the safety... and that was the MAIN reason, nothing else....I thoroughly enjoyed every single day while in Jamaica...

The reason why I took so long to update since Thursday, is because nothing really has happened in the last couple a days. All I did today was stay in my apartment because today was actually another holiday in Japan.... Its the Spring Equinox.... or the beginning of spring...

Also today my 4th radio show is on the internet...again its at


This one to me wasn't as interesting as the last one, because I am just down since my cousin's death and just not really feeling like pushing myself to do anything much now a days... :( But check it out, you might like it more than I do...

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