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Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 367 { Goodbye Party For a Friend } Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 367 { Goodbye Party For a Friend }

Today I also spent the entire day in my apartment until in the evening I went by the lady's house where I go to bible study and the English conversation classes. Her son got into a university that is in an old capital of Japan known as Kyoto... He will start studying English and school will begin for him on April 1. So, his mom and a couple of the persons who come to the English conversation classes, had a little party for him. It involved lots and lots of food, chicken, pork, lots of vegetables and just food food food galore.....Being a hungry belly Jamaican, this was a pleasure for me... I ate what I saw and what I did not see. We then played some rhythmic English games and had a good time.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that, the Jamaican posse in Japan had this yearly event known as SPRING TING!!! It was held in Hiroshima this year, last year, it was in Osaka. I wanted so badly to go, and I even had all intention to go, but I was broke after my trip to Jamaica... Hence, the deadline for payment for it would have been to early for me... The only way I could have attended it, is if it was held in April or there about. I called a friend who was there and she said it was going on wonderful. I am sure I would have enjoyed it, but I was just to broke to even consider it after my trip back to Jamaica. They made a blog for the spring tine event here

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