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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 369 { Good Bye Ceremony / Last Day At Work } Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 369 { Good Bye Ceremony / Last Day at Work }

Went to this far school today on low gas...and they had a goodbye ceremony for me.... Awww thats so sweet... They were soooo busy planning this 45 mins event its crazy...They were humming like bees around the place to sort out stuff.... I still had to teach my 3 classes though, then the ceremony started after lunch time...This entire school has only 25 kids ... and at the ceremony, every single kid gave me a present...and every single present was made of paper...I got a bunch of paper chains, a paper bracelet 2 paper made gold medals etc etc.... I looked like a pimp clown at the end of the ceremony.... I wonder what do they expect me to do with all these bulky paper stuff though seriously!!!! Then I got a card from the grade 3-4 class and there was yet another attempt by them to draw a black man.....Ohh boyyyy ..... This one now, looks like a black elf of sorts....I know that if it was Jamaica, the teachers would probably come together and at least give me a coffee mug or something of the sort...Or a clock...I guess in Japan, that is not the case....I get only papers, pictures and the like... Not even something from the ¥100 store... Im not complaining at all...just comparing the cultures...And I do appreciate the time and effort the kids put in to make their paper stuff..

During the ceremony, they made us play this pairs game...where some one call a number and all of us should get in groups of the number that they call.... They also made a representative from each grade give a small speech...and I also gave a 2 minute speech and the vice principal attempted to translate for me...At the end, they all made an arch like what they do sometimes after a wedding ceremony, then I walked through it and all of them said a big THANK YOU!!! Maybe if I didn't shed some much tears over my cousin's death, I would have shed 1 or 2 tears there...But again I somehow cant do that infront of people...And as my friend Richard assumed correctly...I am not the most handsome person if I shed a tear.... I also would not want the kids see me doing that, of fear that one kid decide to draw me at that time.... If I look like that in their drawing attempt when I am happy, I do not want to see what I would look like in their drawing attempt when I am sad...

Later in the day after taking up all the paper stuff that was given to me...I went home then met up with the guy who live on my apartment complex...The principal at one of his schools invited us to dinner with his wife....His wife just happens to attend the Friday English conversation classes that I sit in at. We went to their house and we ate a lot of beef, vegetables and stuff.... What I cannot understand with most Japanese families is that....even when you are full and your stomach cant budge any further...They are still offering more and more food.... I cant quite wrap my head around that....and some times if you refuse, they get upset...Again its culture I suppose...After this, I went to meet a lady who oooh so wanted to try and have a conversation with a foreigner becase she has never done so in her entire life...This lady is like 45 and I am very first non-Japanese who she is having a conversation with...

Tomorrow I will be heading to the city to collect my visa extention...I applied for 3 years extention...but Im not sure if they will give me that...But lets see what happends...

1 comment:

shellz said...

this drawing sorta looks better than the previous one..
Lol @ the clown pimp comment.. i agree!!
and no crying, good move.
wouldnt want to see the drawing either :)