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Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 372 {Branko's Last Day in Niimi } Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 372 {Branko's Last Day in Niimi

Don't mean to be repetitive but, all I did today was stay in my apartment for the day part.... Thankfully in the night, my Serbian / Zimbabwean friend, Branko, was having a good bye get together at one of the American girl's apartment. Branko was helping out one of the other American girls with moving out her stuff, because she also will be leaving pretty soon.... So Branko gave me a call in the night to assist them with the moving business because he already gave back his rented car and the American girl who was moving out had a minor accident with her car.... What a time to choose to have an accident...It was really minor though... I think the underpart of her car got hit on a curb....and there is some friction going on, causing the car to make a strange sound...

Anyway, when I got there, the first thing this girl decided to do was to give me ¥500.... I was wondering what the heck was this for... So I asked her.... She said it was for gas to take her stuff to another friends apartment and pick her up back.... Me and Branko started to laugh because we thought that this was both a little rude and strange at the same time.... I would in no way charge some one who I consider a friend for helping them out in any way.... But at the same time, I hardly ever refuse money and/or good food :) .... So I did let her know that it felt like she was tipping me...and she insisted that it was not a tip.... I asked her how she would feel if I did the same to her... and she could not give me a straight answer....knowing her, she would down right insist that I keep my money.... again that must be a part of her upbringing or something.... Because I do not see the reason behind giving me ¥500 as if I was in need or something of the sort... I told her that I was never so insulted in my life... I gave her back the money but she wouldn't take it.... So I ended up putting it in my coin pan...

I then drove with Branko to the other American girl's apartment and took up the stuff for the ¥500 yen giving girl... Me and Branko then went to pick her up along with a new ALT also from America, from Austin, Texas... She was born in America but she is of Mexican parentage...We all went to the apartment and chatted for a while... The apartment owner came came and joined us... We spoke about all manner of stuff and telling the Mexican/american girl, what to expect in our city as well as what to expect form our company..... I then exited at about 11 pm, mainly because they were smoking too much and it was smelling up my clothes and blocking my nostrils...

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