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Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 375 { Sam Park Stadium / Crash } Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 375 { Sam Park / Crash }

Today I went to church after like a 2 month break... Less persons than the norm came because most of the high school students are either gone to college or gone somewhere else...

There is a stadium like 2 minutes walk and 1 minute run from where my apartment is.... and there was some sort of softball event being held there... So people from all over Japan came to this little stadium for an all Japan softball competition thingy .... I went there for a walk with my Japanese friend... apparently the matches were over or they were on a break or something... Of course I don't have to mention that while we were walking there were stares from everyone and from every direction....

Later on, I watched a movie called Crash... It was pretty interesting...It had a lot of stuff about racism in America and about different stereotypes like how black people (in America) generally looked at other races and how white people (in America) generally view other races ... I think they should do a film like this, showing how Japanese people generally view other races...I am sure if they had a film like that, many Japanese people would deny the truth. To this day, a couple Japanese people still deny their past atrocities.... Like what they did to the Chinese people in the Nanking or Nanjing Massacre. World history has it as facts but it is still disputed by many Japanese historians and Governemnet officials...Why???

Anyway, Crash was a pretty powerful film and I highly recommend it... It can stir your emotions in so many ways...and there was a lot of truth in it...The plot of the movie was a little strange ... but the general storry and the acting was awesome I think...

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Bjorn J. said...

Being the movie lover i am...this is one of my favs. You do know that it won and Best Picture like about 2 years back?