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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 378 { Fog Of War / More Yakiniku / Lucky Guy } Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 378 { Fog Of War / More Yakiniku / Lucky Guy }

Stayed in all day yet again....This time I watched a documentary kind of thing on the life of Robert S. Mcnamara called Fog Of War.... It was an interesting show... Spoke mainly about when Mcnamara was Secretary of defence for the USA under the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Johnson.... And he spoke a whole lot about the Vietnam war....Again it was quite interesting.

Later I went to a restaurant with some of the other ALTs around here and we had YAKI NIKU... My all time favourite food in Japan...Even though its just beef, chicken and pork...that we cook ourselves and dip in a sauce...... We all met up with The Jet girl's parents and ate.....

My Jamaican friend Courtney, who lives in a town about 1 hour away from me, told me today that he got a job with the Board of Education in the city that we all love called Kurashiki... I was sooo going to apply for the job but because they wanted a reference from my present company, I shied away from applying.... Of fear that if I didn't get the job, then my company also wouldnt want to re-hire me.... Well Courtney took on the challenge and got employed..... I am really happy for him because many many people applied for the job because the pay is good, the benefits are good and its working for the Japanese government...Rent is also wayyyy less.... I am planning God's willing to apply there next year.... I think I will give Niimi one more year all going well.

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