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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 382 { Cherry Blossoms / North Korea Missile }

Day 382 { Cherry Blossoms / North Korea Missile }

Went to a park today to look at the beautiful cherry blossoms that the Japanese people pride themselves in... They appear for one week in spring, then disappear until next year. I decided to make the journey with my friend. I saw some kids and a teacher from the school that I went to on Tuesdays.

So north Korea decided to go against international pressure and fired a missile today, claiming that it was to put up some satellite.... They even lied that it came out of the atmosphere and went into space....
here is a part of the story

Despite weeks of warnings from the United States, Japan, South Korea and others, North Korea launched the Taepodong 2 missile, a three-stage rocket with potential range of more than 4,100 miles, at 10:30 p.m. EDT Saturday, according to the White House and State Department.
The North claims that the missile is a vehicle to launch satellites, but the U.S. and its allies regard satellite and missile technologies as interchangable.
Four hours after
the launch, North Korea declared it a success. North Korea says the experimental "Kwangmyongsong-2" communications satellite was sent into orbit in a peaceful bid to develop its space program. The satellite reached outer space in just over nine minutes and was orbiting without any problems, the state-run Korean Central News Agency said in a dispatch from Pyongyang.
A U.N. Security Council resolution bars the country from ballistic missile-related activities of any kind. It was passed in 2006 after North Korea detonated a nuclear device, prompting a flurry of diplomatic activity to get it to abandon its atomic weapons program. The so-called "six-party talks" between China, Japan, Russia, North and South Korea and the United States had made limited progress until stalling last year.
As part of those talks, the Bush administration removed North Korea from a terrorism blacklist. Some lawmakers had called for restoring the designation in the event of a missile launch, but Obama aides say no decision has been made.

Japan initially said it would shoot down the missile if it entered their air space but North Korea said if Japan should ever shoot down their missile....It would mean war...Japan quickly retracted their statements.... Japan has a looong history of hatred with China, north korea and South Korea.... North Korea though has been antagonising Japan since Japan became a more peaceful country after world war 2... North Koreans have kidnapped a couple of Japanese nationals and take them back to North korea to teach them Japanese...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korean_abductions_of_Japanese

So you see I run away from Jamaica where every no and again I hear gun shots barking. And come to Japan where missiles are flying over my head....I guess we are safe no where in the world really.

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Deneice said...

How come your cherry blossoms disappear after a week. The ones in Chubu region (at least - LOL), stay for about 1 month. LOL