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Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 383 { Wrong Information/Bicycle/Marrying A Japanese } Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 383 { Wrong Information/Bicycle/Marrying A Japanese }

Yesterday someone from my company called to say that I should wear jacket and tie today because the school will have their opening ceremony... HA... When I got there, all the teachers were there in their sweat suits and T-shirts. They were all complimenting me on how my suit looks nice and what not...... Now, where did this guy who called me get his information from???? To me, thats a bad start for the new school year..... I sent him an email to say he delivered some wrong information to me....... and guess what??? I am working and I don't have a contract !!! So clearly, if I get another job now, it would not be considered breaking my contract....And technically I am still unemployed.... I can also do whatever I feel like doing and break any rule that the company told us in the last contract... As I have none now....I asked the guy who called me yesterday, about my contract and he said that the manager and another guy is sorting it out.... WHAT!!!!!

My friend who has now moved to a nicer city, left her bicycle behind and told me to take it... It is one of those weird looking small Japanese bicycles but I took it... Its now parked outside of my apartment... Hopefully they won't steal it... OOH I forgot this is Japan...and more specifically Niimi, Okayama, Japan...

My Bulgarian friend who got married to a Japanese man, is trying desperately to get a divorce...However the problem is that, she has children with him, and the man wants his children even though she said he didn't look after them.... She showed me a few documents where even though Japan signed some agreement to not be discriminatory in these family matters, they have NEVER granted a ruling in favour of a spouse who is a foreigner..... A document said that its bad enough if its two Japanese persons getting divorce in that, the norm is the father (if children are involved) will keep all his belongings while the mother will keep the children, many times unable to support them properly.... But the father will never again have contact with the children as long as they live....If the husband or wife is a foreigner then the problem gets worse... A document said a foreigner has no defence or representative in Japan who will help them out in these situations....and the police WILL NOT/NEVER HELP a foreigner in these situations...
And guess what?? ...if you some how have children with a Japanese, then decide to go back to your home country....then you can practically kiss those children goodbye.... because even though Japan is a part of the hague convention , they specifically did not sign one of the agreements... The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction so in essence, a Japanese person can kidnap your kid, claim parentage...and the kid is all theirs... And you cant do a thing about it....If you try to take the kid, the police can lock you up.....

Now my friend is in a messed up situation because she is almost sure that the ruling wont go in her favour...

So be careful if you fall in love with a Japanese citizen :) ... Of course that goes for me too :)

1 comment:

Deneice said...

First thing she (your Bulgarian friend) did wrong was to marry a Japanese man living in Japan. If they were living in Bulgaria, then it would've been a whole nodder thing. Have you noticed that the surviving and seemingly prospering Japanese-Foreigner marriages are the ones where the foreigner is the man?!
I have a friend whose wife came back to Japan for a "visit" with their child. Once she came home to Japan, he received divorce papers in the mail. The child now belongs to her 2nd husband and my friend had to move to Japan, just to get a chance to see his child.
So, I don't know about the divorce part with your friend, but regarding her children, she needs to "go on vacation" with them if she wants to keep them ;)