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Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 385 { Shifting Teachers / Flying Dragon In Miyajima } Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 385 { Shifting Teachers / Flying Dragon In Miyajima }

All over Japan, every new school term they shuffle the teachers around. Sometimes against their will...I do not know why they do this.... But no teacher will be at the same school for say more than 5 years...So as soon as they start getting comfortable, they will eventually have to move somewhere else... So today I went to my former Thursday school which is now my Wednesday and sometime Friday school. There were a lot of new faces because of the shifting around system... The teachers were crazy busy and they had nothing prepared for my classes......This school is the only school I have now, where I have to actually help the teachers plan the lesson for the classes....

After the classes, I went to get a haircut at my usual lady barber... She was telling me a story about a famous shrine in Hiroshima name Miyajima. The shrine is actually located in a body of water in Hiroshima... There is a myth surrounding the shrine that there is a flying dragon overlooking the shrine....She told me that she know of at least 2 persons that can actually SEE THE DRAGON!!!!!! She said not many people can see it but she said she has a good friend who can actually SEE THE DRAGON !!! hmmmm she also said some kid was in a class one day and he told the teacher to look outside AT THE DRAGON???? and the teacher was like "WHAT DRAGON???? " hmmmm yup yup.... but friends... I have absolutely no comments concerning this ok!!!

Hey Deneice I did recommend that "vacation with the kids" to the lady who wants to divorce the Japanese guy, but she is afraid of going out of Japan and not being able to return... or return to Japan and dem sen har guh prison...

Luckily mi neva yet get shame wid di money thing but dem need fi talk if mi haffi pay from early out....Now mi jus going to be very very aware wid dem invitation ting yah...

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