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Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 386 { Meeting With Board of Education / Changing Car Tires } Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 386 { Meeting With Board of Education / Changing Car Tires}

The office lady at my last year Tuesday school, which is now my Thursday and sometime Friday school, has been changed... The new office lady is a 21 year old girl fresh out of college and she speaks a little English. The vice principal is really pouring on the pressure on her and asking her to do multiple things at once...He was also attempting to explain a million things to her at once... You can see that the new girl is very flustered and nervous...I am sorry for her already.

I then went to a Board of Education meeting with the other ALTs that work for my company.
First we met the director of the Board of Education then we had a meeting with the English coordinators, a representative from our company and the head of the English department in the Board of Education. This meeting is where the representative from my company, come and give some information to all the English coordinators in Niimi... The head of the English department in the Board of Education also gives some explanation... Out of the 7 ALTS who were at the meeting, only 2 of them can speak and understand Japanese relatively fluently... I only understand like a few words and thats about it.

After the meeting, I went to get some gas, some coolant and also went to the car shop that changed my car tires in the winter.........ooh boy... So I went there because everybody was telling me that I need to change back to normal tires, because it is already getting very hot in the days... The temperatures are now fluctuating between a high of about 27 degrees celcius in the afternoon times, to a low of about 8 degees celcius at nights and early mornings... So anyway, I went to the car shop to take off the snow tires... and this guy was telling me that They don't have my tires??????... I was like WHAT!!! then were are they??? He said that maybe Smile Service (The company that I bought the car from) has them... I was like...What in the world are they doing with my tires???? I called my company to tell them...and they told me to go to smile service tomorrow because they would be closed by now....

So stay tuned tomorrow for that leg of the epic drama about .... The Life of Dave in Japan !!!!

Any way... later I went to play soccer after a long break since that groin injury incident on Day 323 on Feb 5 ..... Ahhh playing soccer after about a 2 month break was so much fun trust me.... But I could feel that groin area acting up a bit, after about 30 mins of play...

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