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Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 390 { Bun and Tin Mackerel Exchange } Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 390 { Bun and Tin Mackerel Exchange }

My friend made the mistake and told me that she made Easter bun for Easter.... aah bwoy...knowing hungry belly me... I am going to want some of this, as I have no clue where in Japan they sell anything similar to a nice Jamaican Easter bun.... So I made a deal with my friend that she should mail the bun to me and I will mail some tin mackrel to her.... So she mailed the bun yesterday and I got it today...

So after leaving work, I went to the main post office in my area to do 3 major things:

1) Collect the bun
2) Mail the mackerel
3) Mail my now signed contract because my company made the necessary corrections

First I went to mail off the mackrel, then I told them I need to mail my contract..... To my surprise, these post offices do not sell envelopes, nor do they have them available!!!!! So I had to drive to a nearby plaza, get some envelops then post the contract.... I then collected the bun... While collecting the bun, there was this lady that recognised me...But I couldn't tell where exactly I knew her from... She then asked me if I am going somewhere tomorrow....So I told her yes, I am going to work tomorrow.... She then said ooh ok...She then asked what about tomorrow night....That was when I realised who she was.... She is one of the older participants of the Tuesday night English conversation classes. And they all now think that my Japanese is perfect after 1 year... So they speak very fast and difficult Japanese to me now...

Later on I went to bible study and showed them the pictures I took while in Jamaica...I was also explaining to them that the average Jamaican family is not like the average Japanese family. In that, if you should select any random Jamaican person, there is possibly a 90% chance that their father was missing in action, and their mom or grand mother had to grow them up... On the other hand, in Japan... there is a 95% possibility that they grew up with both parents and possibly even grand parents as well.

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