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Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 392 { OK Come Visit Jamaica } Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 392 { OK Come Visit Jamaica }

At my school today, I am yet to receive a plan of what I should teach....And every single one of the teachers at this school wait until a couple a minutes before the English class begin, to tell me what they want...Although most of the times I fully control what takes place...Atleast the last year English coordinator lady at this school could speak a little English, and I would get a copy of the plan for the month, at the start of each month...

Went to the Wednesday English conversation thing tonight, and I was the only native English speaker there...One of the girls who come there said she really want to visit Jamaica... and she want to come along with me on my next visit :) :) :) .... I really want to go this summer...But the dates are uncertain right now... As I would also like to visit the Bahamas for a conference in July...... I dont know how my friend would fit into all of this as I would be very busy, if everything goes according to plan... unless she want to visit the Bahamas and come to the conference, then that can be arranged...

Richard yuh nuh si mi a lose mi English... or ministry deh pon mi mind... tanks fi di correction

Hey, if di baby did eva mashup mi ps3... har madda or fadda wudda haffi buy back a new one, and dis time it wudda haffi bi di backward compatible one wid 2 controls...cause mi know dem have a likkle change.... What games yuh have for it now??

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Kill Zone 2, FIFA 2009, Soul Calibur IV, Grand Theft Auto IV, GT5 Prologue. Stewart normally downloads a couple demos. That's the best thing about PS3 - u can demo games and see if u should really buy them. LOVE THAT!!!