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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 396 { Heading Back To Okayama From Kobe / New Printer } Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 396 { Heading Back To Okayama From Kobe / New Printer }

I got a long enough sleep at Ovando and Memry....Then I left out at about 2:30 pm in order to catch the 3:30 pm bus to Okayama.... The problem is that, I wasn't really sure where to find the bus stop...The ticket office in Okayama-city gave me a map... But any one who know me well enough...know that maps are useless to me... Anyway, I got to Sannomia at about 3:00 pm then started my questioning...I ended up asking about 4 different persons but found the bus park well enough.....I kind of like these big cities... But I guess they all come at a staggering price...Especially for the apartments..... I got in the bus at about 3:20 pm and the bus took over 3 hours to get to Okayama city because there was a whole lot of traffic on the road...

So I got to Okayama city at about 7pm then went to the Bic Camera store to let them checkout the webcam that I bought there as well as to buy a printer.... I told the guys that my webcam is not working with windows vista.... a guy then printed out something and showed me that it does infact work with vista.... So I took out my laptop...attached the camera and showed them that it aint working....Another guy then took out another webcam exactly like mine...then tried to make it work... he didnt know how to operate it then he looked catefully at the box that the camera was in and saw that the driver CD was actually hidden in this part of the box... I checked mine and walla....one was there also.... So I made sure to install the webcam using the CD, right there in front of them... And it finally worked.... I then thanked them and purchased a hp printer/scanner/copier.... the cost was ¥9800 (US$98) ....I bought a printer exactly like this from the USA in 2006 for US $70...

I then took the train back to Niimi and I sat beside this rockstar looking, full of piercings Japanese girl... I started up a conversation with her and she said she was an anime nerd and she loves taking pictures...She showed me several of her photos where she and her friends dress up like anime characters and take pictures..... she is actually going to an academy that deals with art and stuff..... Her pictures were amazing... her blog is http://3932dwda.jugem.jp/?month=200812

Stewart and Richard... Trus mi nuh watch di spelling and di grammar cause mi nuh fraid fi admit seh mi English is terrible as much as a it mi a teach...... Is das why dem giv mi di pikney dem fi teach...... Tanks fi di correksion still...

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