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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 397 { My Last Job Still Wants Work From Me / Easter Radio Show } Monday, April 20, 2009 [ 1 YEAR 1 MONTH ]

Day 397 { My Last Job Still Wants Work From Me / Easter Radio Show }

Hey today makes 1 year and 1 month since I am here in Japan.... and the 20th of every month also coincides with the day when my radio show is on.... The radio show today is about Easter.... again...I am just putting very little effort in this venture because I am upset with the way they do things...Here is the link to the show....

I got an email Friday night from the senior job placement officer / guidance counsellor at my last job at Garmex Heart academy...She wants me to get video clips of different persons sending greetings to Garmex..... because they are having a teacher's day thing on May 6....She want me to organise some people from South East Asia to be at some sort of event in their Asian clothes eating food or doing whatever.... In addition to videoing the kids I teach saying something about Garmex....

I told her I like the idea very much but all of that together...is a little too much work for me just now... But I want to take on the project because it sounds exciting... However, getting the kids involved as well as getting many people in their native clothes eating or whatever, may be next to impossible.... But I started recording some people today just giving greetings to Garmex...I hope what I plan to do will suffice...

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