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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 399 { Kids Following Me Everywhere } Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 399 { Kids Following Me Everywhere }

The first time the grade 1 kids saw me at this school, they were all scared and very quiet when I was about to teach them... I even heard a kid said "Kowaii" (I am scared / this teacher is scary) when I was about to teach them...Now, after that first class....It seem as if they can't get enough of me... I get a little break and they follow me everywhere I go... If I run, they will run after me...And then all approx. 15 of them want me to watch them and they all want me to play 15 different games all at once... The worst thing is that, the Head English organiser for my schools told me that the board of education is now in negotiations with a kindergarten and my company, for me to teach them..... This means more tired days if this thing works out...

I later went to another ALT get together at a restaurant in my area that I have never been to. About 11 of us met up inclusive of 1 Japanese lady who can speak English very well. Then the inevitable topic of race stuff came up... They started discussing racial stuff about Japanese people, and the names that Americans gave to the Japanese and Germans etc...... Its only certain persons in this group that keep bringing up these topics that are not too much to my liking.... I now will even further minimize my contact with this group when a combination of certain persons are there....On a one to one basis with these persons its ok...But when a combination of them meet... It gets me a little uncomfortable.... But again I know it has to do with group dynamics... And I will surely take away myself...One of the guys even singled me out when we were about to pay for the food... He asked only me... "Dave did you eat?" ....Why tha heck did he do this???


Bjorn J. said...

Sounds like that this new grouping is...DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

"Dave did you eat?"
I don't get it...what did u read into this question?