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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 403 { Naruto Manga } Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 403 { Naruto Manga }
Hello Mr/Miss Anonymous, thanks for your comment yesterday...Wasn't trying to read anything into question on day 399.... I was only wondering why he chose to ask me only when he certainly saw that all of us (including me and you) were eating, even though I was the last one to enter on the scene..... But, you could be right, perhaps he didn't see me eating, and he wanted to know... Which would educate me as to why he asked me alone... You see, there are many things that I wonder about, and don't have an answer to....

Today I went to church, it was only a small gathering of about 7 of us but at least someone was there to translate for me..... After church, I sat in my apartment and read a whole bunch of Naruto manga...I wish the anime series now, was as interesting as where the manga is... Based on the look of things, the manga is probably about 4 years ahead of the anime series...I still can't believe that I spent about 3 hours or more just reading this madness.

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