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Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 412 { Heading For Kyoto But Detour To Kobe / Sea Creatures And Dolphin Show } Monday, May 5, 2009

Day 412 { Heading For Kyoto But Detour To Kobe / Sea Creatures And Dolphin Show }

Today is another day in golden week and its known as Children's Day (Kodomo no hi). I was supposed to go to Kyoto today to meet this Brazilian guy and a couple of his other friends for us to have a barbecue like thing. OOh boy... This guy made plans with me about 5 days ago saying that we will all meet up on May 5 (Today) and have loads of fun and food...He said though that, he, his wife and children will be going to Korea for a few days, then come back on May 4 (yesterday).... His wife is Korean, so his kids are half Korean / Half Brazilian (who are already mixed)...Any way, he gave me the directions to get to Kyoto from Osaka, which takes like 15 minutes.... And He said we should try to meet up by 11:30 am there about.. ....So I bought the early bus ticket for Osaka this past Friday....

That was the prelude to today's adventure.... The day started when I rushed out of bed at about 6:30am to catch the 7:30am bus for Osaka.... The bus ride to Osaka takes about 3hrs and 30 mins.... Its always nice to go to a big city.... But anyway, I called this guy at about 11:15am which
was a little after I got to Osaka.....No answer.... I called this bredrin about 30 times and no answer... I sent several text messages...and no
answer.... Before I knew it, it was about 2:00 pm in the afternoon... I spent near to 3 hours trying to contact this guy, while walking around in Osaka, to no avail... So I started to wonder what am I going to do.... I already basically wasted ¥7000 yen going to Osaka and I booked my ticket to go back to Okayama for tomorrow May 6. So in essence I was kinda stuck in Osaka... I could try to go back tonight, but that would be more of a waste.... So I called up some friends in the Osaka area.... A friend of mine then said I should give my other Jamaican friends in Kobe (20 mins away) a call, and see what can be done.... So I called my friends from Kobe who gave me the idea to do some sight seeing with them...The same persons who I went to the Jamaica party at 3 weeks ago.... Memry and Ovando.... So Memry's mom was visiting from Jamaica and they were showing her around Kobe and they said I could come along....

So I went to Kobe from Osaka, which only cost like ¥400 (I wish going anywhere out of my area was this cheap and convenient). Memry told me to meet them at a place called Suma, where we would look at several different sea creatures in several Aquarium things.... So we met up with Ovando, Memry and Memry's mom and we walked for a while in the rain to get to the suizokukan (Aquarium). After looking at some beautiful and some weird looking sea creatures, we then went to watch a dolphin show.... It was the first time I was seeing real dolphins, much less a dolphin show....... Here is the video I took of it all..


After that we went to look at the Akashi bridge in, Maiko, Kobe... this bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the entire world .... and it joins Kobe to a little island off Japan... After looking at the bridge, we ate, then went back to Memry and Ovando's apartment... We all spoke for a little while then I was soo tired that I knocked out at around 11:00 pm...

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