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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 415 { Night Bus To Tokyo } Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 415 { Night Bus To Tokyo }

Today I told the office girl at this school that I studied computing in Jamaica.....Instantly she asked me to help her with a simple task...That task that she found so difficult was to get rid of a space in a table in Microsoft word...The only trouble is that everything is in Japanese...But I still managed to do it in like 5 seconds....The girl was shocked that I figured it out so quickly...She then called the nurse to tell her that I studied computing ... The nurse asked me where I studied computing.... And when I told her Jamaica, she also was fully surprised.....Her expression almost looked like she was saying, "REALLY, they actually have computers in Jamaica!!! " ...... To be honest, even the old computers at the last job where I was, looked more modern than the computers they use at this particular school...... The office girl then asked me how to add a row in a table using Microsoft word... Even though the software is in Japanese, I still figured it out in like 1 minute... And she was so excited and started calling me her hero.... !!!

After work, I rushed to my apartment, did some final packing, then off to the train station.... I met a friend of mine on the train, and she followed me to the bus terminal in Okayama City.... We had something to eat, then the night bus came.... My friend told the conductor guy on the bus that he should tell me when we get to Shinjiku in Tokyo... And he agreed... I then took the night bus heading for Tokyo... I took the bus at about 9:40pm. And I should arrive in Shinjuku, Tokyo at 7:30am on Saturday morning.....

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...an even faster way to add a row in a Word table is to go to the end of the previous row and press enter. It will create another row. When i say go to the end...i mean right out the end of that row where u see the cursor blinking outside the table.

PS - You shudda call your other bredrin who stood u up B4 u left the house BUT as people say, everything happen for a reason. You wouldn't have had such a nice time if u did call :D