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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 416 { Arrived In Tokyo / Jamaica One Love Festival Yoyogi Park, Shibuya, Tokyo } Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 416 { Arrived In Tokyo / Jamaica One Love Festival Yoyogi Park, Shibuya, Tokyo }

So the conductor guy who was on the night bus told me yesterday that he would let me know when the bus arrived at Shinjiku, Tokyo..... Not so.... If I didn't hear when the bus driver said Shinjiku, I would still be in the bus waiting on this conductor guy. Anyway, the bus got here at 7am instead of 7:30am which was on the schedule... I came out of the bus station and sent a text to my Japanese friend Masami who I would be staying with in Tokyo... She said she would be on her way... A Jamaican friend, Maria from Osaka, also took a night bus to Tokyo and she wanted us to meet up. So we were calling each other in the morning to try and find out our different locations.... We were both in Shinjiku but as to where in Shinjiku we were, would remain a mystery until Masami arrived... So Masami called me, and I tried as best as possible to describe where I was, then after about 5 minutes she figured it out and said she will get me in the next 10 minutes.... After waiting for a while, I saw this girl screaming towards me to hug me up... But I didn't recognise who it was, so I was saying in my mind "who in the world is this???" .... then I was like ooooh "Masami"... But who else could it be really......

We then took on the task of meeting my other Jamaican friend who had no clue where she was either... We found her in about 10 minutes as well......After we found her, we went to

Ocha no Mizu
at Masami's apartment briefly so that Maria and I could leave our heavy stuff... Maria also wanted to check out some stuff on the internet......Afterwards we went to

Where we checked out some paintings. from a famous Japanese painter and poet lady... she did some futuristic paintings about how some ladies now-a-days would look like and act as grand mothers in the future.... They were somewhat interesting, even though looking at old women in paintings is not a hobby of mine.... After looking at the paintings we, took some pictures outside, where we could see the Tokyo tower, then we went on to

And this was where Yoyogi park is located, which was the venue for the Jamaican One Love Festival in Tokyo. There were stalls everywhere displaying Jamaican stuff... .. I of course bought Jerk chicken, but I hung out most times under the Jamaican embassy tent ..... where many Jamaicans also hung out as well... we were having crazy fun there..inclusive of showing the Japanese people how to dance... Here is the video


After walking around for a while, I thought that I needed to see more of Tokyo while all this stuff was going on... So Masami followed me to

This is where the famous Shibuya crossing is located...Where about 100,000 people cross the road every 5 minutes or so... followed by a whole bunch of vehicles... If you haven't heard about or seen the Shibuya crossing, then here it is


Actually many many people come up this place to either take pictures or video this crossing in Starbucks... We are not supposed to stop and video it or take pictures, but there are always people like me who don't obey every rule and still did it...

We then went back to Yoyogi park in Harajiku, to catch some Japanese persons doing some Jamaican dances in the night on stage...one of the performances was form this Japanese guy who call himself I-Van, and he appears in many of the Japanese doing Jamaican dances, videos... he even has a blog here it is - http://ivanblog.themarrowstyonyc.com/.... I did not know that so many people in Tokyo, Japan liked reggae music and the Jamaican culture... I was shocked by the crowed.... There was also a dance thing by a Japanese girl name Junko (which is a very popular name in Japan) who I heard is really popular in Jamaica...and I think I know why...

After this excitement, I felt as if I was going to pass out, because I hardly slept on the bus this morning and I am walking around from 7am and its not about 9pm when the Festival ended its Part 1....Part 2 is tomorrow.... So I ate with Masami then went back to her apartment and fell asleep.....

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - yuh nuh know Junko, Dancehall queen one time - lol