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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 418 { New Kindergarten Start / Start Jogging } - Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 418 { New Kindergarten Start / Start Jogging }

I was surprised by my main school today with information about me teaching at the Kindergarten school today...My company didn't even inform me of this decision... So I eventually went, not knowing how long I would teach for nor knowing what I would teach... But I thought as much that it would only be self introduction...I however ended up going and introducing myself....and talked a little bit about Jamaica...then did some "how are you" exercises... There were about 40 - 50 children between the ages of 4-6.... I was trying to interact with them individually by making them touch my hand...and this one little kid moved away from me in fright...

After jumping around with them for about 1 hour...it was time to go... And that was when one of the 3 teachers there finally decided to tell me that it should have only been there 45 minutes.... why didn't she stop me and I was sooo tired???..... While going away, about 7 kids were following me and saying good bye good bye while touching my hands ... and the teachers had to stop them or else they would have followed me all the way. When the teacher stopped one of the kids, she started to cry... I could not believe this... I don't even know this kid who is crying after me...

I then went back to the main school, did one more class then went home... ..... I then went to bible study where one of the members was pregnant and is about to have a baby anytime between now and the next 3 weeks......After bible study I went jogging... I am starting up a rigorous jogging and sit ups schedule for myself because I see where my stomach is getting a little paunch.... and this cannot work when I am not yet married... After marriage is fine :) but before... NO NO!!! ... Today is the first, and I plan to jog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday....

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