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Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 422 { Wind Shield Wipers up } Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 422 { Wind Shield Wipers up / DELL Laptops }

Forced myself out of bed and actually got to this far school about 10-15 minutes before start time... I told the Vice principal and the office lady good morning... The Vice principal then asked me if mornings are my weak point... and I told her yes and that mornings are very difficult.... She said she noticed it in my tone of voice.... I didn't know that it was so obvious.

Later on, one of the new girls around here, asked me to check her laptop because it seem as if her hard drive went bad......While I was at her apartment, she looked outside and noticed that my car wind shield wipers were up...... I know that I definitely didn't do this so I asked her how the heck did it happen.... She said that there are many kids around the area but she can't confirm for sure if its them who did it.... she also said that it has happened to several persons who live on that block of apartment.... But only the foreigners !!! Some crazy Japanese person(s) again....... Now I am curious and I am tempted to go back around there just to see who the heck is doing this.... whether adult or child.....

Anyway, I took the laptop back to my apartment and changed the hard drive but it kept re-starting... I tried yet another hard drive and it still kept restarting the laptop.... However, with her hard drive, the laptop is simply not recognising a bootable drive instead of constantly restarting...... she said all of this started yesterday when she was downloading something on the internet.... I am thinking that maybe its a virus that is on the machine and messed up some stuff or that because its a DELL, It don't recognise other hard drives that wasn't purchased directly from DELL.... But then, one of the hard drives that I tried, was the exact brand (Western Digital) as the one that came with her laptop... So I am wondering if DELL can actually lock a hard drive to their machine... hmmmm What do you think Richard??? Or any other computer person that is reading this???

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave, the hard drives that you put in...are they formatted clean? At what point does it restart? That sound like Blue Screen restart. Talk to me on Gmail when u trouble shooting and i'll help further.