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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 424 { Game Head / Watch Men } Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 424 { Game Head /WATCHMEN }

Today I went to a restaurant name TIMEZ with one of my friends in the town where I live... I had Japanese style curried chicken and she had curried shrimp..... It was absolutely fantastic in my estimate.....Today I also downloaded a couple of PSP and PS3 demos...and I received the God of War-Chains of Olympus PSP game that I ordered online on Wednesday....Yeah I know many people didn't know that I was this much of a game head but I have been like this for as far as I can remember myself...But the only gaming systems that I have actually owned outside of a computer are:

Supervision - A failed gaming system that I bought in about 1995...
Sega Genesis - That I got from my dad in about 1996
PS1 - That my friend bought for me in the USA in 1999
PS3 - September 2008
PSP - May 2009

All the other major gaming systems that you can think about are on my Laptop as emulators...Well except the dreamcast...

Today I watched this movie known as watchmen.... And I guess because I was not a fan of the old animation series, it was quite a bit dull and boring to me... A couple of my friends in my area told me that it was really good.... But I guess to each their own...Because I didn't enjoy it in the least... As a matter of fact, I slept several times while it was going on..... I also launched an investigation into the "lifting up of foreigner's car wipers" incident that I heard have been taking place around the area where my other friends live...... I will see how far this goes...

1 comment:

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Setup a video camera to catch them lifting up the wiper blades.
Also, lifting up the wiper blades can't be much fun - i'm sure the fun is in them watching u put it back down...so look out for suspicious persons as you go to your car.