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Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 431 { Noisy Chinese} Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 431 { Noisy Chinese }

Today I went to church with my Japanese friend...... Five (5) Chinese girls were there but they didn't have a translator. So they were kinda being a bit noisy trying to understand what the pastor's wife was saying.... Now knowing the pastor's wife and her family (except the youngest child who is about 18), they are the reserved type of traditional Japanese people who don't really like noise... So you could see her face kinda screwing up every now and again, and she was trying hard to play it off. My friend told me that she did however whisper something afterwards, that the Chinese girls were kind of being noisy. What I like about Chinese persons who I met generally, is that they don't behave hypocritical like many many of the Japanese people I know. Don't even bother trying to recognise the Chinese in the photo above because trust me, you cannot tell the difference, no matter how skilled you think you are....

Afterwards, I went to a restaurant which is within walking distance from my apartment. I went there with my Japanese friend and saw a couple of persons who I knew. When I was about to pay for my food, I saw where a teacher from one of the schools I teach at, staring me down... With a sly smile on hi face... and as soon as he noticed that I saw him, he quickly turned away his head in the usual Japanese manner....Stare you down, then turn away as soon as you move your head to look at them..... I know it was because I was eating with a Japanese girl.... This country area cannot manage the foreigners eating lunch with a Japanese person..... Seeing a foreigner is weird enough already...

I then followed my friend to rent transformers as she has never seen it before... So we watched it and she thoroughly enjoyed the excitement.

Richard NHK in Japan is kinda like TVJ in Jamaica .... But NHK is funded by viewers' payments of a television licence fee... Where if you have a TV inna yuh yard, yuh suppose to pay a fee.... But foreigners and some others tend not to pay this fee because its madness... Actually by law your are supposed to pay it.... But if you don't, then no big deal...They guys to collect the money will just come and bother you...thats the punishment...

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