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Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 433 { First Meeting For New School Term } Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 433 { First Meeting For New School Term }

Today, the 7 ALTS that work for the same company as I do, went fr our first meeting of the new school year. It was held in the major city (Okayama city) of the prefecture as per usual, but this time in a different building that was a little difficult to find.....actually, an old Japanese lady had to help us find the place.....

Before the meeting, I followed one of the new ALTs to get a new hard disc for her laptop... it was a 320GB one she got for very cheap. So eventually we headed to the meeting and we met the new head guy for the very first time... He seem to be a very cool guy but he seemed very nervous. I noticed the meeting had wayy fewer persons than normal... So we queried that... Normally these meetings have like 60-80 persons... But this time it was about 30 persons.... They said the reason is because they split the group into 2.... Having a meeting for Northern Okayama and another meeting for Southern Okayama... Niimi is in the Northern portion... that is why it snows so much here.... The southern parts get very very little snow....and rarely does the snow stick on the road there...There were 3 new Jamaicans at the meeting ad another 1 who was transferred from Hiroshima branch to Okayama... This girl I knew before she came to Japan...And I was even giving her some information before she got here...But this was the first time I was actually meeting her. At this meeting, I solved the mystery of who was the one who lifted up my windshield wipers... And it was none other than Peter, a new ALT from England... However, thats only part of the mystery... Because he said he didn't lift the other ALTs wipers...Hmmmm

Anyway, after the meeting, I went to Kurashiki (The second big city in Okayama) and met up with my friend... She followed me to buy a new indoor soccer shoes and to eat some food.

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