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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 434 { Difficult English / Wolverine And GTA Liberty City Stories }

Day 434 { Difficult English / Wolverine And GTA Liberty City Stories }

The nurse at my school today is going to do some sort of test that involved some amount of English. And its not like the normal apple and banana English that I would teach... This is some serious grammar stuff that we in Jamaica would be getting in CXC... Why are they giving Japanese people that hardly study English to that level, these type of difficult questions???? I was trying to help out the lady but because of her limited English and my limited Japanese....It was proving to be a little difficult... some things she understood but others were just too difficult to explain..... For example, one question was about English proverbs....and the exercise wanted the Japanese persons to tell what :

"It never rains but it pours".... means in Japanese.

I was trying to tell the lady that its not literal rain.... But she still wanted to know why the proverb said Rain!!!.... I cannot explain that in Japanese at all..... I was trying to tell her that the rain signifies problems, but she still did not get it... Anyway,

Today I went to the ALT girl who need her laptop to be fixed. I collected her laptop then went to another ALT to borrow his Wolverine (PS3) and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (PSP) Games. He was explaining to me that to download the games to the PSP, we have to have a certain version of the firmware.... But first to do this, I would have to download a software to the memory stick to kind of hack the PSP...

I then went back to my apartment and went to bed at about 9pm...

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