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Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 436 { Japanese Toilet / Pay Short } Friday, May, 29, 2009

Day 436 { Japanese Toilet / Pay Short / More News }

Ok so for 1 full year, I managed to stay away from the VERY WEIRD Japanese style toilets.... Hmmm today was a little different... I was sorta running late but my stomach was paining me terribly... So as soon as I got to work.. after fighting to stay away for about 15 minutes... I gave in and had to go and take a squat... not once but twice .... Oh boyyy... SO DEMEANING!!!!

Anyway, I was extremely disappointed with my pay this month. Especially because I budget like 5 months in advanced and this pay that I received wasn't planned for... I was sooo upset... But I calmed down before I called the company and create a storm... So before I called the company, I went to the supermarket, paid my bills and bought a nice jacket thing and a sweater. After this I called the company and asked them whats up.... The manager told me that he FORGOT to tell us that the 3 days that we didn't work in April was pro-rated... Hence we didn't get paid for it.... Unfortunately, it was actually stated in our contract, but very subtly... so everyone over looked it...

When I got to my apartment, I made a reggae CD for a lady that comes to the Friday English conversation classes. Then later on I went to karate lessons... where I saw 2 old guys there that wasn't there last week... One of them was especially staring on and I heard when he was asking "dare dare" in English literally means "who who.... Or who is that... he probably either thought I didn't hear or thought I didn't understand... Then, when I finally stepped in, I told them good evening, and he barely looked at me, but gave that dark, xenophobic Japanese stare, that is quite popular in this area...
It ended up that the other old guy trained me... and even though he spoke 95% Japanese to me.... I got most of the stuff he was saying....... He was strict, but was really trying to make me learn. This guy said he has been doing karate for 35 years...

Japan is planning to pass a bill that will further threaten the rights of foreigners in Japan

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