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Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 437 { Congratulations My Friend Andrew / Vantage Point } Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 437 { Congratulations My Friend Andrew / Vantage Point }

Many of my friends have been getting married recently. This includes 2 of my ex-girlfriends, about 8 friends from University and many close friends... and there are so many others about to get married.... The following are some of my friends who got married recently, as in since I came to Japan last year March...


The most recent victim, sorry I mean very close friend of mine is Andrew.... He is the closest friend in recent times that has tied the knot... Today is the wedding day.... C O N G R A T S Andrew, mi fren fi life (My friend for life).... You have made a bold decision.....

I am giving myself at least 2-3 years God's willing... I am just a little bit nervous about marriage.... I was to be the MC at his wedding but unfortunately I am all the way in Japan... Andrew even came on the second airing of my Internet radio show...

Today, I watched a show name Vantage Point... It was pretty interesting.... I love the action in it...Even though some impossible stunts were pulled off but it was still a good movie to enjoy...It was about the attempted assassination of a US president, seen from about 5 different views... Then the nice action followed.

Yeah Richard is when mi done watch the DVD mi notice dat mi was nodding mi head every minute.... Is either mi following many Japanese people who nod when making a point or that I get so used to nodding when Japanese people are speaking to me that I keep doing it constantly. I had no clue that I was actually doing it.

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Anonymous said...

Woi me turn celebrity!! Get mentioned pan dave blog!! By the way, Floyd and Tamaya got married saturday gone..it was beautiful :)