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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 438 { Work On Sunday / Xenophobia in Japan } Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 438 { Work On Sunday / Xenophobia in Japan }

Went to work today, just like last year this time... My main school has the first Monday in June as their holiday, and the Sunday before that as a normal school day. This day is an open day where parents would come and watch me teach.... There were only 2 men amongst the parents, and when the class was over, I made a hasty retreat. Eventually, they called me to attend this session afterwards, where a blind Japanese guy and a lady, sang some songs while he played the piano. Many of the stuff I didn't understand so I was falling asleep every now and again...

I found this interesting read on the internet, about xenophobia and racism in Japan. And it says:

Despite being a signatory (since 1995) to the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination, Japan has taken no legislative action to bar businesses and other public places from refusing entry to customers based on nationality and race. Starting from 1993 in Otaru, Hokkaido, and now running unchecked throughout Japan, signs saying "JAPANESE ONLY" etc have gone up, making an unspoken undercurrent of fear of the outsider into clear, present, and brazen exclusionism--following the best traditions of segregation and apartheid. The Japanese government's steadfast refusal to outlaw this form of discrimination by nationality and race has only made the situation worse, so the time has come for the grassroots to take matters to the street. Or to the internet, as it were.

Here is the site

I cant believe that there is even a bar in my prefecture on the "dont want foreigners here" list. http://www.debito.org/roguesgallery.html#Kurashiki

Well I hope for the best here and hope that I never experience any blatant racism stuff. I get the stares and thats it so far...

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