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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 439 - { Happy Birthday Sandy / Prison Break and Heroes / Japan 7th Most Peaceful Nation} Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 439 - { Happy Birthday Sandy / Prison Break and Heroes / Japan 7th Most Peaceful Nation}

Happy Birthday Mi sista... although you don't have a clue what going in mi life if wi nuh talk pon di phone :)

I didn't go to work today because of work on Sunday. So I stayed in and watched 3 consecutive episodes of the series name Prison Break... and 1 episode of Heroes.... I was very curious about these Tv series because I hear many Americans and many Japanese talking about them... The first season of Prison Break has been very exciting so far...but my friends told me that season 1 is good but thereafter it is going to get water down... .... I also heard the exact same thing about Heroes.... But lets see how it goes...

Prison Break is basically about a structural engineer guy who purposely go into prison to try to save his brother from being executed.... His brother is being set up by the Secret services who planned the death of a governor's brother. Season 1 is all about the 2 brothers in prison trying to escape.

Heroes now is about some people all over the world with special gifts... Like time travelling, imortality, seeing the future, flying, mind reading and what not... Some parts of it are gross but other parts are interesting thus far...

I also plan to start watching:


24 and


I found out that Japan is the 7th most peaceful nation so far this year... Number 1 goes to NewZealand.... Guess where Jamaica is out of 144 countries??? at a whopping 102...... USA is at 86..... last year Jamaica was at 96 ... and USA 97.... Now the USA has gotten a little better than us... You can see these statistics at


1 comment:

Bjorn J. said...

You dont know what u missing...Hereos is really great for the first season then the 2nd was lil bit weird but now the 3rd season seems to be on track when last i saw it....I havnt been following for a while but i will get back into u...u inspired me...then HOuse is always great....good viewing....