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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 442 { Football Resumption / Japan Population Still Declining / Eminem Embarrassed } Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 442 { Football Resumption / Japan Population Still Declining / Eminem Embarrassed }

The office lady at this school, has been having some back problems recently... She thinks it is because she has been sitting on some kind of uncomfortable chairs for a while to do her job.... But the school don't seem to be doing anything to help remedy the situation except feel sorry for her. She is currently on prescription drugs and has gone to the hospital once.... hmmmm
Anyway, the third graders parents watched me teach today, and they were quite entertained it seem.

After work, I slept then went to play football after over 1 month break. The last time I played was April 30... Ohh how I missed football......
It has become a regular thing for us to play against the effeminate looking guys now.... this time, when the game just started, we were raining goals upon goals on them for about 20 mins... I was surprised because normally the games would start out with them scoring multiple goals and we would eventually pick up and start scoring later on... Today was the opposite...... We started scoring then after that 20 mins or so of scoring, we went into a drought... a 6-0 drought.... I felt bad for my team because I didn't even contribute 1 goal when things were going well..... But then shortly after that 6-0 drought.... I some how managed to score 3 consecutive goals in like 5 minutes.... I guess my new pair of NIKE indoor football shoes was finally working its magic... We ended playing at about 10:30 pm...

News About Japan

Japan's fertility rate edged up for a third consecutive year in 2008, three years after dropping to a record low of 1.26 in 2005.The total fertility rate or the estimated number of children a woman would bear in her lifetime based on current birth trends, rose 0.03 point to an average of 1.37 compared with a year ago.

The total fertility rate is calculated by dividing the number of women aged between 15 and 49 into the number of children they produced in one year.By prefecture, Tokyo had the lowest fertility rate, 1.09, while Okinawa had the highest, at 1.78.

Meanwhile, deaths rose to a record of 1.14 million, up 34,133 from a year ago and the highest since 1947, as mortality continued to outpace births. This resulted in the population shrinking by a record 51,317 in 2008 — the steepest fall ever. Japan's population shrank by 18,516 in 2007.


So for some time now, I have not been up to date with the latest songs around... But back in about year 2000 there about I was a big fan of Eminem.... I know he was a bit quiet for some time but he came back out again.... Only to be embarassed at the 2009 MTV Music awards... This is a clip of what took place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-csipe3TzMg

Richard, is the ball head yute inna di blue shirt and glasses mi a talk bout is mi bes ALT bredrin.....

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Bjorn J. said...

hey this thing with eminem was a fake...i hope that u saw the news updates...i thought it wasnt kool too but expected more reaction from him