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Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 443 { No More Games For This Class /Twitter Can Be Dangerous } Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 443 { No More Competitive Games /Twitter Can Be Dangerous }

At the school today, the kids are always wonderful. Sometimes I am weary of a few of the teachers but in general its an ok school except that it is just too far away. All the classes are relatively good... The grade 6 and the grade 5 kids are a little on the quiet side, but thats just Japanese kids... And that ain't gonna change any time soon. However, a new challenge have arisen that I had no clue about... Its the new grade 3 kids..... I noticed that they were always on the overly excited side and that they can get very noisy... On this particular day, the classroom teacher was feeling sick, so he was absent from class. Because of this, they asked a helper teacher to stay with me in the class... and ohh boy it was a challenge...

So my classes are normally divided into 3 main sections namely:

- Good morning
- How is weather
- Whats the date
- Brief warming up exercise

Word Pronunciation
- Get the kids to practise the pronunciation of the words
- The topic today was feelings like happy, sad angry, hungry etc

- Where I sometimes divide the class in teams and they compete in a little game

So everything went well until it was game time...
This one kid starting crying and started throwing stuff around in the classroom in anger. The substitute teacher was trying to keep him calm but that wasn't going too well, so she took him outside... I was still unaware as to why this kid was acting like that....
While this was going on... one of the teams won a round of the game, and the losing team was quite upset and didn't want to play anymore... the substitute teacher eventually came and convinced them to give it another try... But alas, they lost again... They were so upset that at least 2 of them started to cry.... I have never seen this class reacted like this before...So I plan to stop playing competitive games with them.

After the class, the teacher told me that the kid who was crying and throwing the stuff around, is slightly handicapped and he didn't want to play any games..... Oohh boy

Anyway, later I went to karate and they actually gave me a free karate gears..... I thought he was just giving me for a short time but he said no its mine...I learnt some basic training with this guy, then they eventually handed me over to the old strict guy who is wayyyyy too technical for me... If you make a slight mistake he is going to stop and correct you each and every time.

After this, I went to the Friday English conversation then a small birthday party for an ALT around here.

Friends, be careful of how you put up your status messages and stuff on facebook and tweeter. My friends sent me this bit of information :

If you're going out of town, you're supposed to have someone come by to take in your mail and newspapers so as not to advertise the fact that your home is empty. Therefore, it should go without saying that putting a sign on your front door that says "temporarily unoccupied" would be about as dumb as it gets. So if you're careless about what you post online, you may be doing just that.

According to a Friday report by ABC News, East Mesa, Arizona's Israel Hyman recently discovered this the hard way when his home was robbed of thousands of dollars in computer equipment while he was out of town. When his father, Gerry, stopped by to check on the house, he found the back door jimmied open and his son's Mac Pro, a pair of 23-inch LCD screens, and other equipment missing. Israel believes that the thieves might have been tipped off by his Twitter messages, which also update his Facebook status. He told ABC News that anyone reading his Twitter updates (and Facebook) would have known he was leaving town.

Israel has no intention of quitting his favorite social networking services, though he says from now on he will be more careful about what information he posts online. Clearly, a good idea. We just hope the rest of you don't learn that lesson the hard way. http://www.switched.com/2009/06/01/man-suspects-burglars-were-tipped-off-by-out-of-town-tweets/


Nikole said...

I never did understand why ppl felt it necessary to broadcast everything on facebook and now twitter. That's one helluva lesson though

davay colly said...

yeah for real... I hardly update those stuff now a days....