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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 450 { Karate Surprise / Drinking With The Teachers / A 17 Year Mistake} Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 450 { Karate Surprise / Drinking With The Teachers / A 17 Year Mistake}

Played football with the kids after lunch today. And afterwards I was sweating profusely. Thats partly because the place is getting extremely hot now.... But it was fun!!!

Karate Surprise
After work, I went to karate. I was surprised by the English speaking sensei who told me to go in front of all the students and other senseis and perform what I have already learnt.... Ohh boy... I was in no way expecting this at all.... But I did it.... and my sensei (The guy in the pic) said I did pretty well, except that my turns were a little off...... The foot movements to do the turns are a little difficult for me now.... And all of this takes a huge amount of concentration.... I forgot the name of the karate routine that I was to perform.

rinking With The Teachers
After karate, I went drinking with 2 teachers from the school I went to today, just to immerse myself more in my city and get to know more people in the area.... When I got to the bar, I saw 3 more teachers from my main school at the bar.... They were just as surprised to see me just like how I was surprised to see them.... Now, all of them want to invite me out to drink.... hmmm .... I have no plans to take this as a habit like them... As most Japanese men drink themselves to oblivion every weekend... Some, every single day...

A 17 Year Mistake

Prosecutors in Japan, made a rare, but not face-to-face, apology Wednesday to a 62-year-old man freed last week from prison after being convicted of the 1990 murder of a 4-year-old girl in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, for which they now believe, based on a DNA retest, he did not commit.
Toshikazu Sugaya, who spent over 17 years serving a life sentence, was released from prison on June 4 after recent tests indicated his DNA did not match traces found on the murdered girl's clothes, contrary to the initial test results that led to his conviction in the kidnapping and strangulation of Mami Matsuda.

The people made a blunder like that and look what them give to him!!! A bag of flowers...


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