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Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 458 { More Yakiniku/Japanese Class Start/ Oldest Man Die } Saturday, June 20, 2009 ( 1 YR 3 MTHS )

Day 458 { More Yakiniku/Japanese Class Start/ Oldest Man Die }

More Yakiniku
Stayed in today and watched the latest Naruto and Bleach episodes.
Finally after I don't know how long, both Naruto and Bleach are not in their filler episode modes.... So they are getting exciting, especially Bleach. Lots of Fightings going on. And Naruto is finally somewhere that I can actually find in the Manga series.

In the evening, the guys from karate, invited me to go to Yakiniku. Again, totally not remembering that yakiniku is expensive when a group a guys invite you out to have a drink.... So I ended up having to pay 5000 yen for food that I had little or no control over ordering. The good thing is that its yakiniku and I love yakiniku. The older guys at the eating fest kept asking me if I had a girlfriend and kept talking all manner of evil and good. They kept forcing me to drink more beer and I strongly insisted that I will have only 1, because I am to go to study Japanese afterwards. So I had orange juice there after. When I was about to leave, one of the older guys, called some Japanese girl and made me spoke to her briefly... Why did he do this?? I have not the foggiest clue. I don't know if its one of his daughters or who.

Anyway, apparently 2 of the Karate guys were going to follow me to the Japanese teacher guy house, for me to begin my studies. So they asked the restaurant owner to drop me there while they give the directions. However, they didn't really know where the place is and I knew only 1 direction to get there..... So they first stopped me at my apartment and I got a book and a pen. So while 1 guy was giving him direction, I asked the English speaker guy if they were friends with the restaurant owner who they asked to drop me.... He said not really.... Instantly I started to feel uncomfortable because how can you ask a restaurant owner who you hardly know, to drop some foreigner somewhere. So, the restaurant owner guy drove to a direction where I didn't know and they kept asking me if they were nearby, but unfortunately that direction I didn't know...... The restaurant owner then started to quarrel in Japanese, saying that, how can they take him from his job to go somewhere that they were not sure about.... And the 2 guys were there apologising...

Japanese Class Start
I then told them to drop me off at a spot that I recognised. They all were asking if I was ok there so I said yes... The restaurant owner even asked "Are you sure???" I said "YES" and I had to walk about 10 mins to get to the location...
Now, unfortunately, this guy who decided to help me with Japanese, don't have any sort of guide or anything like that to teach me Japanese. So for the entire time, I was there asking questions about how to say this and how to say that. I need some sort of structured lesson, but I guess this will suffice for now. I want to be fluent within the next year and a half or so.

Oldest Man Die
Tomoji Tanabe, the world's oldest man and an avid newspaper reader, died in his sleep at his home in Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture, on Friday, a city official said. He was 113.

He died peacefully. His family members were with him," said Miyakonojo official Junko Nakao. Tanabe died of heart failure, she said.

Tanabe, who was born Sept. 18, 1895, had eight children — five sons and three daughters. The former city land surveyor also had 25 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren, according to a statement from the city. He was certified by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest man when he was 111 years old.

Tanabe lived with his fifth son and daughter-in-law. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/mail/nn20090620a5.html

This guys birthday would be the day before mine. I wonder if I want to live that long... Actually, I think I would... And WOW 53 Great Grands!!!!! Good grief...

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Yeah man...you expect nuff great great grandchildren cause it's like a tree. If you have 2 children and they each have 2 kids - you have 4 grand children just like that.
If your 4 grand children have 2 kids each, you have 8 great-grand just like that....it just increase exponentially :D