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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 528 { Unemployment Rise In Japan } Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 528 { Unemployment Rise In Japan }

My friend visited me today, and we went to visit another friend who I gave some Jamaican stuff. Basically that was my day today...

The jobless rate rose to an all-time high of 5.7 percent in July, government data showed Friday, dealing a further blow to Prime Minister Taro Aso's already embattled government just two days before Sunday's Lower House election.

The jobless rate hit a seasonally adjusted 5.7 percent, the highest level in the postwar era and worsening from 5.4 percent in June, the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said.


Day 527 { H1N1 Becoming Increasingly Worse In Japan } Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 527 { H1N1 Becoming Increasingly Worse In Japan }

All I did today was went to the bank (As I am planning to start an aggressive saving regime) and also showed my friend some of the pictures I took while in Jamaica, Bahamas and New York.

A man in his 30s died of respiratory problems at a hospital in the city of Nagano after contracting swine flu, the municipal government said Thursday, bringing the total number of domestic deaths from the H1N1 virus to five.

The man, who had an enlarged heart, chronic heart failure and diabetes as underlying diseases, is the youngest to die from the virus since its infection was first confirmed in Japan in May, according to the city and the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/mail/nn20090828b3.html

Day 526 { Nova Boss Sentenced } Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 526 { Nova Boss Sentenced }

Today I went to lunch with my new Japanese friend and she wanted to know about programming and web page design etc... So I gave a brief lesson on programming Languages and on HTML... and told her that to learn these stuff, it involves lots of reading and studying, that is why I don't like them.

Later in the evening, I mailed some of my Jamaican stuff to my friend in Osaka. She was quite elated to receive them.

Today, former Nova Boss was sentenced...

Former Nova President Nozomu Sahashi was sentenced Wednesday to 3 1/2 years in prison by the Osaka District Court for his role in skimming off employee funds in 2007, just before the foreign language school giant's bankruptcy that October.

News photo
Nozomu Sahashi

Presiding Judge Hiroaki Higuchi's severe sentence took some in the courtroom by surprise. Prosecutors had sought five years for the former president of what was once the country's largest foreign language school chain and employer of foreign nationals. Sahashi is expected to appeal the sentence.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 525 { Setting Up Again } Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 525 { Setting Up Again }

Went to the bank today to Lodge some money to my loan Account in Jamaica then to the 100 yen store to get some stuff. I then paid my rent and my Landlord treated me to lunch. While having lunch, I saw one of the kids that I teach at the restaurant, with his dad. His dad is not like the average Japanese who would stare and/or hold down his head after saying hello... He actually speaks to me whenever he sees me....His son is usually talkative at school and always showing me stuff... But suddenly he is acting shy while his dad is around..... I promise you that, every single one of the students that I teach will act exactly like this when they see me outside of school.

In the evening, I finally got my luggage with my food, but unfortunately, I syrup that I had in it was leaking out... And it leaked on a few of my biscuits and buns :( But everything was fine otherwise. So I re-stoked my apartment with the Jamaican stuff. I know that they are going to be finished in no time though......... In the evening, my landlord took me to dinner...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 524 { Peace Concert } Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 524 { Peace Concert }

Went to a company meeting in Okayama city this morning, where some Japanese police came to speak to us about traffic law amongst other stuff...The policeman said there is over 1000 bicycle theft per month, or something to that effect...And also that Okayama city has one of the highest accident rates in all of Japan.

In the evening, I bought some new pillows as well as a toaster oven. I could not believe the state of my old pillows after leaving them in my apartment for 1 month....They were full of some strange white fungus looking stuff.... I disposed of them instantly when I saw them...... I think its the humidity that causes it...

I then met up with this lady who I saw sometime last year when I just got to Japan, before I had Internet...... While in Jamaica this summer, she somehow found my skype address and added me and we were keeping in contact while I was in Jamaica. I met up with her, as well as the host for the Tuesday English Conversation classes and another guy who is supposed to perform at a concert on September 11.

I was asked by the Tuesday, English conversation host about a month ago if I could perform at this peace concert in my home town on September 11... I said yes, and then he asked me for pictures of me performing so they could make a flyer.... I supplied the pictures and he showed me the flyer and asked my opinion.... I thought it looked a bit strange to have me as the only performer on the flyer, when there will be several other acts, so I asked if someone else could go on the flyer as well..... However, for some reason or another, I was still the only one on the flyer... Its no big deal though...

Day 523 { Heading To My Apartment } Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 523 { Heading To My Apartment }

Woke up at my friend's apartment again, just like when I was heading for New York, from Japan. She drew a map for me to get to the train station, because it was about 10 minutes by foot from where she lives. Now it was time to head out with my heavy stuff on the road, with random Japanese people staring me into oblivion. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the train station because :

1) my stuff were really heavy and hard to manage

2) I made a wrong turn somewhere... which is not new to me in Japan by no means.

I then went to a convenient store and withdrew some cash, and I finally now feel like a normal person again..., after taxing my mom in Jamaica, and taxing Gregory in New York...I will NOT make a trip like that to Jamaica again...Next time it will be different...Actually next time maybe I will be going home for good who knows... I really felt at home in Jamaica and it was reallly GREAT!!! Even things seem a little rough there, its home....

Anyway, I got to Umeda Osaka and wanted to take the 10:50 am bus back to my home town Niimi, which would get me there by about 2:30.... But the lady said that bus is FULL!!! Everybody, going home from summer vacation...The worst thing is that the next bus to my town would be at 3:50 pm...and would get me home at 7:30.... The plan was to wait on this next bus but I decided to take another route by going to Okayama city by bus, then take the train to Niimi... It would cost a little more but thats fine with me, I can now afford it :) I got to Niimi at about 4:30 and my friend came to pick me up.

Yow Richard,
when mi spot Francois in NY, di man have two big bags in him han dem and him drop dem same time... and mi shout out BOMBAAART!!! inna di mall ... lol Yeah man him and him wife kriss... Him seh shi pregnant now... And him also said them him running him own little Computer security business in Barbados..

Yow yuh know seh mi neva did even a realize bout di money thing... I never normally walk without money but this time mi was really depending on the card...and Japan fail mi in dat regard bwoy... I promise you nothing like that will happen again...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 522 { Israelis Like Reggae Too/ Broke } Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 522 { Israelis Like Reggae Too/Im Broke }

Met this Israeli guy on the plane that said he has been living in Japan for over 20 years now. He got married to a Japanese lady and they have 2 children. This guy knows all of Bob Marley's songs and says Bob is one of his all time favourite singers.... I could not believe when this guy decided to sing out some of Bob Marley's songs in the plane from South Korea to Japan.... I was dying with laughter. He is a really cool guy though... I think its the first time I was officially meeting some one from Israel. He said Bob Marley is really famous in Israel as well.

Anyway, we got to Osaka, Japan at about 8:30 pm.... And again like the last time coming into Japan, they left one of my checked on bags.... However, that was good for me because there is no way I could manage all three bags going back to my friend's house, much less to my apartment...
A Korean lady came up to me and was telling me that hopefully I will get my luggage tomorrow... I asked her why was it left behind, but she could supply me with no answer. I ended up coming out of the airport again without being searched.

It was now time to take the train to my friend's house but guess what? I had absolutely NO Japanese currency with me... Because the plan was to withdraw some when I got here... But guess what again??? All the bank accounts I have in Japan, dont work with ATMs after a certain time... I was now, kind of left stranded in the airport with time going because the trains also stop running at a certain time..... Luckily!!! I found 5 euros in my bag, and I converted it to yen.... And that was how I got to buy the ticket to go on the train.... I eventually struggled with my luggage again to my friend's house...

Day 521 { Taking Planes All Day } Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 521 { In A Plane All Day }

Got dropped to the Airport, then placed 2 of my bags to be checked on. Had a 12 hour flight to South Korea... While on the plane, I watched 4 movies...

1)The International... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILj3HlaoOCg
Good action movie to watch

2) Push .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afT1fAwSr-Q
Very god concept but sometimes a bit stupid..

3) Star Trek .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0xaCB2nLS0
Watched it before but trust me, watching it again was no problem... AWESOME film..
If you haven't seen it yet... then please go...

4) Wedding Daze .... http://www.spike.com/video/wedding-daze-trailer/2854899
Had some funny scenes but it was kind of stupid... However, it was interesting to watch.

Day 520 { New York 2 - Around New York City } Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 520 { New York 2 - Around New York City }

Went out in the morning with Gregory and his cousin, travelling around the Queens area. I can't believe that while walking through a mall know as the "Green Acres Mall", I saw my university friend there just popped out of a store... We were both surprised... He is from Barbados but I haven't seen him since 2005...

We then went to time square in the night. Then to a restaurant known as Bubba Gump. A sea food restaurant, inspired by the movie Forest Gump.

While coming back from the city, I saw some Asian looking people so I started listening to them to see if they were Japanese... And yes they were... So I asked them in Japanese if they were in fact Japanese nationals.... The whole 5 of them were surprised that I spoke Japanese... We sparked up a little conversation to which the persons beside me (Some Jamaican girls), also were looking on in disbelief and shock, wondering what in the world we were saying...

We then got off the train and was heading back to Queens... but at that time in the morning, the train schedules are all messed up...So we had to take another train then wait for about 45 mins in the train area which was HOTTTT!!!

We finally got back to queens at about 1 or 2 am...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 519 { New York 1 - Lots of Food } Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 519 { New York 1 - Lots of Food }

My cousin Leroy, dropped me at the airport... I had to struggle with the three bags to go to the line, then I called my sister. She checked me in and my 2 bags on the plane...I got to New York at about 12:30...

When I got to New York, I went through customs almost seamlessly... This is what I like about New York...They maybe ask 1 or 2 questions and then let you through... Well that has been my experiences there, with or without my sister. At the airport, I was waiting for my friend Gregory for a while but I was a bit away from where he was also waiting for me... He eventually realized and called me down to the A section of the pick up side of the airport, because I was at the C section.

We were on the road for a while then we ate some stewed peas at one of his friend's house. Shortly after this we went to Olive Gardens with another of our friends. So I was really full at the end of this day.

Day 518 { Jamaica 24 - Brigitte Foster-Hylton / Hizzi Interview } Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 518 { Jamaica 24 - Brigitte Foster-Hylton / Hizzi Interview }

I went to the Portmore mall today and got a hair cut... while getting my hair cut, the race with Brigitte Foster-Hylton was going on.... Everybody in the barber shop was creating all kind of excitement and we were quite elated when we won that race.

After the barber, I met my friend Haniffa at the Portmore mall today.... She has been living in France for the past 2 years and this is her first time back to Jamaica since. We spoke for a while, then she followed me to the supermarket to buy some stuff to go back to Japan....We then ate at KFC.

After the mall, I then went to a little interview thing with my friend who has a online show name "All Righteous Talk"

This is her website --http://www.hizzionline.com/

Youtube channel -- http://www.youtube.com/user/HizziOnline

I then left from there and went to a meeting in the evening. Then back home and completed my packing to leave tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 517 { Jamaica 23 - A Message } Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 517 { Jamaica 23 - A Message }

Stayed in today then in the night went to Edgewater Baptist to give a message. They were keeping a week dubbed "Youth week" with the theme "Youth In Action". The Youth Fellowship President asked me last week if I could speak on the topic "Stand in the Gap"...

So I drove to Edgewater Baptist in the night and spoke for about 30 mins about my mission experiences and about Christianity in Japan... and I could not speak without leaving out what I think the main theme of the bible is, which is to love the Lord and love each other. My friend said she was disappointed that I didn't do a dub poem, but really it wasn't in my mind at all... Sorry Shan...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 516 { Jamaica 22 - Visit UTECH /Shelly Wins/ Last Link Up For Summer } Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 516 { Jamaica 22 - Visit UTECH /Shelly Wins/ Last Link Up For Summer }

Took the bus this morning to Half Way Tree, then I walked and visit my friend Lassom at the Bethel Baptist Church.... I then took a taxi up to the University of Technology, my former University... When I got there, I walked around a bit then went to request a transcript.... I could not believe that a transcript now cost $JA 1000 ( US $ 11 )...

After requesting the transcript, I went to the cafeteria and was surprised by the renovated cafeteria.... A local company by the name of juicy Patties now control the cafeteria.... I wonder why they didn't think about this while I as there.....
Anyway, I then went to the bookstore and checked if they have any Japanese text... I want to buy this book name Genki Japanese, because in Japan its a bit pricey... The UTECH book store actually had it and I bought it.

I then went to Carby's in Half Way Tree and bought some T shirts.... Carby's is ridiculously expensive.... While walking through Half Way Tree, I noticed people gathering beside this gigantic television screen in the middle of Half Way Tree. I wanted to watch the race there but I decided to go home....

When I got home, I heard that Jamaica came first and second in the 100m female race at the IAAF in Berlin...Shelly - Ann Fraser won while Kerron Stewart was placed second. Nice ... We control the sprint events... :)

In the evening I then took a bus heading for Half Way Tree, because I was to meet up with some friends at cuddy's in New Kingston.... While in the bus approaching Half Way Tree, the bus stopped near to Half Way Tree on a road name Hagley Park Road. The conductor started to curse then he said "yow dads, a puncha di tyre puncha innuh" (Hey, the bus tyre got punctured). So I got out and jogged for about 10 mins to Half Way Tree...Then because I was running a bit late, I got to the area where I should take a taxi to go to New Kingston... But there wasn't any taxi there.... Because the police and transport Authority men were removing illegal taxis off the road.... I then stood there, wondering what to do.... Then suddenly a man came to me and said "My yute, New Kingston?" (Hey are you going to New Kingston) .. so I said yes, and he took me to his car which was parked about 1 minute away... Luckily the car was already filled with people so as soon as I got in, he drove off...

I was fortunate to get there on time.... I guess I am still working off the Japanese timing system so, I though I was late at 7:15 pm and I told everyone 7pm..... When I got there, only 1 person was there already... I reserved seating for 40 but only 20 persons showed up... Some later than others.....We had a good time though...

Day 515 { Jamaica 21 - Bolt New World Record } Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 515 { Jamaica 21 - Bolt New World Record }

Went to church today and my good friend was preaching....

After church, I watched the 100 M Finals with my Family and a family friend.... And oooh the noise that was in the house... When Bolt broke the world record to 9.58 in first place... and Powell got the bronze medal in 9.84....

I also saw this video below which I thought was absolutely hilarious, however, if you are offended by expletives, then don't bother watching it...(And its not that Hitler video that has been passing around on facebook).

If the average Japanese person see this, they will begin to ask all Jamaicans in Japan if we are fast runners as well....

Can you believe that Jamaica as a little island accomplished this feat??? I don't know about others but I honestly feel proud being a Jamaican after watching that race... The only countries with athletes to ever break the 100M World Record are:

1) USA
2) Canada
3) JAMAICA!!!!!!

You can't even compare Jamaica with those 2 gigantic countries in any way.....


The guy on the picture below is probably still in shock at Bolt's 9.58

Day 514 { Jamaica 20 - Visit From Sheree And Evadne } Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 514 { Jamaica 20 - Visit From Sheree And Evadne }

Today, I again stayed in all day again... But my cousin Sheree and my friend Evadne from University and who lives in my community of Waterford, Portmore ( AKA GAAZA ), St. Catherine, Jamaica ..... visited me...

Sheree said she will be going to Atlanta next week to do some exams... While Evadne, (who is actually here visiting home from China where she is studying) told me a whole bunch of stuff about China... She said to hold any sort of Church meeting in China is considered ILLEGAL.... And you can get deported for keeping Church... She said a French pastor who has been living in China for over 10 years was deported recently.... she said they have to hide and keep church underground sometimes... WOW!!! I couldn't believe that this stuff is still going on...

Unlike the stereotypical shy Japanese, the stereotypical Chinese aren't so shy... Evadne said, they will come up to you and touch your skin....And some will just come and take photos of you no questions asked...She said that parents will even send their kids to come and tak photos or to come and ask questions....This would never happen in Japan...Oh and there is racism there as well.... I am now of the opnion that racism is everywhere.... Just some place worst than others.
She also said that poverty is widespread in China.

Trust me some of these things were shocking to me.

Richard, :
1)shi did drive South coast because we had to pick up some people in St. Elizabeth.

2)Is not clock tower I parked, is one likkle place beside clock tower...

3) Good 1 about taking away the PSP ... LOL ... I want to know how him duh it though... Him did a hide it from mi....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 513 { Jamaica 19 - UTECH Friends Link Up } Friday, August 15,2009

Day 513 { Jamaica 19 - UTECH Friends Link Up }

Went to a popular hang out spot in New Kingston, Jamaica known as Cuddy's in the evening. I met up with a couple of friends from my class and my year group at university. Some of these guys I haven't seen in ages.

Stewart thanks for that little warning about the mod thing... I was not even thinking....I deleted that portion of the blog... Rispek

Day 512 { Jamaica 18 - Random Japanese In Jamaica } Wednesday, August 13, 2009

Day 512 { Jamaica 18 - Random Japanese In Jamaica }

I visited my good friend Ronald today in a community within Portmore known as Portmore Pines. We chatted about his recent trip to Guyana and about a bunch of other stuff...

I then dropped him to work and I went to a Place name Clock Tower Plaza in Half Way Tree. I however parked about 10 mins walk away from Clock Tower plaza at a another plaza name Tropical Plaza. Because I didn't know exactly where the place was in Clock Tower Plaza that I wanted to go to... So I parked and walked it there. When I got there by foot, I noticed that I didn't have my phone, which I needed to use to call this guy for directions to his shop... Ohh boy,

So I had to walk back to my car because I left the phone in there. While walking back, I noticed that an Asian girl was walking in front of me... And this Bus conductor (One of those who always shouting on top of their voice "Town Town" while 3/4 of their body is hanging out of the bus)... said "Miss Chin weh yuh seh Town??" (Hey Chinese looking girl are you going down town?) .... When the lady said no, he proceeded to say "Konnichiwa" I almost rolled on the floor with laughter right there...... I then walked up to her and said " Sumimasen, nihonjin desuka?" .(Excuse Me, Are you Japanese?)... she said YES!!! with a verrrry shocked look on her face.... So I told her that I worked in Japan and has been teaching English there for the past 1 year and 4 months... She she is from Nagoya in Japan .... We spoke for about 3 minutes then we had to go our different ways...

Anyway I went for my car and this time I drove to the Clock Tower Plaza and parked beside there... When I was walking towards the area, I saw my friend Carlton Baker and we chatted briefly... Then a man came up and said "Oiii deh sah, is you park yuh car yah suh?" (Hey sir, was it you who parked your car here?) ... So I told him yes.... He then told me that the cost was JA$100 So I told him I will pay when I get back......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Days 509, 510 & 511 { Jamaica 15, 16 & 17 - Resting }Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, August 10, 11 & 12, 2009

Days 509, 510 & 511 { Jamaica 15, 16 & 17 - Resting }
Its the first time I'm grouping 3 days in one on my blog... But these 3 days I didn't even open my grill to go outside the house. All I did was sleep, watch Prison Break and Anime and just took pictures of random stuff around my house.

On Day 511 though, some heavy rain fell and I noticed the gully around the back of my house started to full up.

Day 508 { Jamaica 14 - Old Friend At Church } Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 508 { Jamaica 14 - Old Friend At Church }

Went church this morning and saw one of my old friends. I haven't seen this guy since maybe 2007. This guy thought I was still working in Maypen, Clarendon, where I left since 2006.

After church I greeted him and told him that I have been working in Japan for the past year and 4 months. He was shocked...He said he is now either the chaplain or a guidance counsellor at the Calabar High School...

I then headed home and watched some prison Break Season 2.

Shortly after heading home, a family friend came along with her baby.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 507 { Jamaica 13 - Hanging Out With Sachiyo Morimoto } Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 507 { Jamaica 13 - Hanging Out With Sachiyo Morimoto }

I promised my new Japanese friend that we would hang out for the day. So, I picked her up and first we went to the Fort Clarence beach which is about 10 mins from my house in Portmore....
Sachiyo went into the water but I stayed clear of it.... At the beach I saw my friend from University, Dwayne, as well as my cousin's wife and child, Claudine and Nathan...

We then left Fort Clarence and I treated Sachiyo to Ox-Tail at Captain's bakery in Portmore. She said it was the first time she was having Ox-tail and thinks it is delicious.... I had stewed peas and rice, which I haven't had in I don't know how long.

Again Sachiyo's website is http://www.mightymules.com/gospel_top.html ... if you want to publish a book just give her a link....

After leaving Captain's, we went to watch G-Force at the Carib Theatre. It was the first time I was watching a movie using 3-D glasses. It was interesting, even though it was a kids flick...

After the movie, me and Sachiyo went to an inner city community name Kencot, to visit this Japanese guy name Kenichi who has been living in Jamaica since August last year.... He is actually from my prefecture, Okayama.... He was born in a town called Tsuyama and he now lives in Kurashiki.... He is completing his Ph.D in Anthropology and writing a paper on Reggae Gospel music in Jamaica.

Then they introduced me to this reggae dancer Japanese girl name Chammy... here is her myspace page
but prepare yourself before you visit....

After meeting up with these Japanese in Jamaica, I dropped home Sachiyo then went home.

Day 506 { Jamaica 12 - UCCF Link up at Alicia } Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 506 { Jamaica 12 - UCCF Link up at Alicia }

Stayed in all day today then went to Andrew's house in the evening... I then went up to my friend Alicia's house where we had a UCCF (University And Colleges Christian Fellowship) Link up... Some of these guys I haven't seen in ages. We all spoke a little bit about where we are in our lives and we played some games and I told them a little about my experience in Japan.

Oh I miss this kind of stuff..... The Japanese would say "Natsukashii" which means Nostalgic.
In Japan its totally different.... There are no Jamaicans nearby to laugh and chat and play games with...... My friends in Niimi, Okayama are cool, just that I tend to feel left out on some of the topics that they choose to talk about....

Ahh it was a good link up tonight.... After the link up, I dropped my friend Lance to his place in Stony Hill... Then I drove home.