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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 491 { Bahamas 1 - Jet Blue 4 Hour Delay } Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 491 { Bahamas 1 - Jet Blue 4 Hour Delay }

My friend Gregory took me to the airport this morning, to head for the Jet blue section of JFK. I learnt about Jet blue through my sister. You can easily book your flight and even choose your seat number online. And the price of the flight was cheap. This time I was heading for The Bahamas, to attend a conference (The Caribbean Baptist Youth Festival). I paid for this ticket about a month ago or there about and it cost only about US $100 to travel from New York to The Bahamas via Jet blue airways www.jetblue.com .

Me and my friend saw the sign for Jet blue to go to Terminal 4. However, when we got to Terminal 4, this sort of old lady told us that it should be Terminal 5 and not 4. She told this to my friend while subtly raping him with her words... To which my friend laughed like crazy.... Boy these old women seem to be making moves after the younger guys here.

I eventually got to the Jet Blue area then I had to join this ridiculously long line for my trip to the Bahamas. After being in the line for about 45 mins, I noticed that an electronic chart was saying something about checking in for all Jet blue flights will stop 1 hour before boarding begins.... When I looked at my watch, it was quickly approaching that 1 hour mark that the electronic bill board was speaking about. And I was still wayyy behind in the line. I then heard a lady asked that all persons going to The Bahamas on flight la la la should come around and get their ticket and put on their luggage. I then hurried to do that then through inspection. I then quickly purchased something to eat and headed for the plane gate. Only to hear that our flight has been delayed. About 1 hour after this, they told us that our gate has been changed...

After the gate change, the passengers started to get restless and was wondering what the heck was going on. I just simply sat and continued playing lumines. The captain of the plane then came out and said that the communications system is down inside the plane and they are trying really hard to fix it. The people were still a bit restless then to top it off, they changed the gate again.... Then finally they were ready after 4 hours. I had to be calling my friend in the Bahamas every now and then, to let him know that my flight has been delayed.... I honestly do not want to see my phone bill when I get back to Japan God's willing.

On the plane I met a half Jewish, half French girl who spoke fluent English, French and Hebrew. She and 3 of her high school friends were going on vacation to the Bahamas.... When I was 18, I could not even imagine doing this.... Boy the inequalities of this world. I guess some persons were born more fortunate than others. This girl said she has visited France, Israel and even the Bahamas, multiple times. It took about 2 hours to get to the Bahamas from New York and the flight was smooth for the most part. I went through customs without any problem at all then my friend came to pick me up... at about 7 or 8 pm Now this friend was a guy who I met when I went to another conference in Brazil in 2006. So you see!! It is good to go to conferences and make friends.... It can save you some money from hotel fees.

My friend Horatio then introduced me to his other friend who was driving with him, and they took me to a nearby place to try out some of the local dishes... A big thing in the Bahamas is conk... they made me taste some of this delicacy.... its raw conk mixed with onion, tomato and a whole lot of lime. They had me taste this stuff they were all going crazy over, but I guess because the taste is so strange to me, I could not get the excitement. It tasted to me like coconut jelly, with onion and lime. It was just strange... not terrible, just strange. They also made me taste conk fritter.

After the tasting spree, they then dropped me at the Wyndam hotel (Where the conference is being held), and the first night of the conference was just closing. I saw a good couple of my Jamaican, Trinidadian, Bajan and other Bahamian friends there.

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