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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 505 { Jamaica 11 - Kool Runnings Waterpark, Negril }Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 505 { Jamaica 11 - Kool Runnings Water park, Negril }

Today is Jamaica's independence day.... We are now 47 years old...

My friend told me yesterday that she wanted to go to the Kool Runnings water park in Negril, which is about 4 hours from where I live by car. She said, 4 other persons would be coming along as well... I always wanted to go to this park because the website looks so cool... Check it out.


So my friend came for me in the morning and we drove on the south coast towards Negril.. We stopped in St. Elizabeth to pick up our friend Prudence as well as her brother and her sister. We stopped at gas station to get some stuff the when we got to Negril, there was traffic... And because my friend was driving for so long, she was a bit tired... So I drove the remaining portion of the journey to the water park.... When we got there they told us that we cannot wear cotton in the water... We were like "WHAT!!!" .... I was fortunate though that my shorts was polyester. Everybody else was wearing some sort of cotton..... We were all a bit upset because we drove all this way only to hear this and they didn't relay this information over the phone....

Co-incidentally, there is a store inside the water park that sells polyester clothes... hmmmmm ... too interesting...Any way, when we were ready to go on the slides, the clouds started to get dark, followed by lightening and thunder.... Soooo the life guards stopped us from going on the slides.

Eventually they gave us the go ahead and we went on ....
When I got in the tube and go in the enclosed piped, water slide, I was scared beyond what I can ever recall....going through this dark tunnel-like thing and holding on for dear life on the tube..... But as soon as I was out, I was like "WOOW that was fun!!" .... I then went on a simpler one but its not in a tunnel... I was going to go on this horrific red one that every body was talking about, but I made the mistake and went on another tunnel like slide, without a tube, and I was horrified... So I totally changed my mind from the red one.....So all I did was sail around on the tube in the water for a while... Then it was time for us to go...

While we were going, we stopped to get some jerk chicken on the road... The road was filled with people going to a famous party in Jamaica known as A.T.I. (Appleton Temptation Isle / Absolute Temptation Isle)... This is a huge party on the beach side in Jamaica.

After going through this thick crowd, we then went form Negril to St. Elizabeth to drop of Prudence and her siblings, then Donna dropped me home.... And it was quite an exciting day.... Just that the journey to Negril is just too long...

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

It must long if you drive South Coast to go to Negril. Next time drive Mobay way - it easier, straighter and much better roads.