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Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 535 { A Friend's Birthday } Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 535 { A Friend's Birthday }

Today I was supposed to meet my friend in a nearby city name Kurashiki at a particular time... But guess what?? For the third time while living in this remote part of Japan, I missed the train... If I was in a urban or even somewhat urban area, trains would come like every 10-15 minutes.... But oh no not in Niimi... Try every 1 hour 30 mins or more....

Anyway, I got the next train but started to experience some serious motion sickness. I don't know when this started to happen to me. I got off the train at Kurashiki, walked around a bit, but my friend decided to meet me in Okayama city instead... So I got back on another train, and got to Okayama city in like 15 minutes... I met my friend in the train station and we went to a Jamaican shop and also to mall like place known as CRED then I took her to a Jamaican restaurant. The restaurant owner was excited to see us, and he showed us a couple of pictures while he lived in St. Elizabeth and Manchester, Jamaica.

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