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Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 539 { Peace Concert Practise / Play station 3 Makes Record Sale } Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 539 { Peace Concert Practise / Play station 3 Makes Record Sale }

After work today I went to practise for the September 11, peace concert.
I have 2 poems to say there and the other persons at the practise, said they liked them both...
One poem name is simply put, "Peace".... And the other one is "Heiwa O nozomu" - Which translates, we want peace or we hope for peace...

Yeah Richard mi have a feeling is because of the Bolt thing innuh... But one other school tell mi dat dem would be more dan willing to mek mi participate..

The Ps3 has recently came out with a slimmer and cheaper ps3 which host a 120 GB Hard drive..... And its selling like crazy now in Japan...

Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 video game console's weekly sales jumped to a record in Japan following the introduction of a slimmer, cheaper model, research firm Enterbrain Inc. said.

The new PS3 sold 150,252 units in the four days since it went on sale last Thursday, the Tokyo-based researcher said.

Sales for that week reached 150,832 consoles, the highest since the machine's debut in Japan on Nov. 11, 2006, Enterbrain said. It didn't state the previous record.

Sony last week cut the domestic price of the PS3 by 25 percent to ¥29,980 with similar reductions worldwide and introduced a model that is one-third the size of the original and consumes 34 percent less power.


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