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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 543 { Sports Day ( Undokai ) At Main School } Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 543 { Sports Day ( Undokai ) At Main School }

Today I went to the sports Festival as they call it at my main school. But when I got there, no body said a thing about where I should sit or anything.... So I watched as the teachers were running around busy busy busy, trying to get things in order. Me not knowing a thing what to do... Then suddenly all the teachers disappeared to outside where over 100 parents were.... I was of course hesitant to go out there because of the stares that I would draw.

I eventually braved up and went out there and bore the stares that were coming from all angle.
I sat under a tent with the event announcers for a while, then it was time for me to participate in the sport event... It was the teachers versus a couple of students versus the parents.... They call the game wanageh where we threw some ring objects over some cones.... And the team that got most rings over the cones, would be the winner. When it was my time to throw, I only managed to get 1 over the cone... Ultimately, the kids won, the teachers came in second and the parents dead last.

Then there was going to be the parents race, and they needed some more participants, so they drafted me off the bench so to speak... They placed me in white house (on the white team) and I was to run in the parents relay, even though I am not a parent. They made me do the anchor leg even though they knew nothing about how fast I could run... But hey, I am from Jamaica, which I guess should mean that I can run really fast. Now because I was the anchor leg and there were about 10 parents in front of me, I had to wait a bit, but unfortunately, my team was already wayyyy in the lead, causing me from the off-set, to not really have any competition. so when it was time for me to get the baton, I still ran like crazy to the finish line, even though we were wayyy in front of the other teams... When I finished, everybody was saying that I ran very fast... They also wanted me to do the Bolt pose but, I conveniently forgot...

After sports day was over, I went to my apartment then went to eat out with the teachers...They were a bit disappoited that I didn't take alcohol, because I was on the anti-biotic medication for my ear. As to why these people want to get me drunk, I do not know.... It was a good time though and we ate many many many different food. Most of it was quite delicious however.


Gho Cheng said...

Hai Japan, how are you

Derri said...

Yes "Fahda Bolt" lol lol...
Hey its been awhile since i've checked out yuh blog. Ive been reading the post from my google reader but havent actually come to the blog. Love the little ninja that now carves out the blog name :D Anyways