Day 547 { Assisting With Study on Jamaican Reggae Gospel } Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 547 { Assisting With Study on Jamaican Reggae Gospel }

This morning, I woke up with a slight head ache and my eyes were paining me. I started to wonder if I got the flu business and instantly I started to pray...

Yesterday, the Japanese guy who I met in Jamaica name Kenichi (Who lives about 1 hour away from me in Okayama) wanted some help with completing his thesis. He is completing his Phd in cultural Anthropology. He spent 1 year in Jamaica, studying reggae Gospel music by interviewing some of the artist and going to gospel concerts and churches. Somewhere in his studies, he is going to tie in something about masculinity. He left Jamaica 2 weeks before I did, this past August.

Yes so he called me yesterday because he was having difficulty understanding the exact words of the Testimonies of 3 Reggae Gospel Artist.... They were
Gody Gody,
Dj Nikalous and
Shepherd.... .....

He wanted to document their exact words in Jamaican dialect (patois)... not the English equivalent.... He had their testimonies on his computer. I picked him up at the Niimi station and I helped him to get the correct wording of their testimonies. Goddy Goddy's and Dj. Nicholas' testimonies were relatively easy to get the exact words from... But Shepherd was a little difficult. Because he says a whole lot of "yuh nuh and" (you know and).. so that took a while.

I then dropped him back at the train station.


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