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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 550 { Heading For Osaka } Sunday, September 20, 2009 *** 1 Year 6 Months ***

Day 550 { Heading For Osaka } *** 1 Year 6 Months ***

So, this weekend is going to be a 5 days weekend.. Hoorayyy!!! As there is a set of holidays coming up starting tomorrow. 1st is Respect the elders day, then Bridge/Bank public holiday and then Autumn equinox which marks the beginning of autumn. So I wanted to avoid staying in my apartment for the entire time.... from last week I was trying to find some places to go... ideally, I wanted to go to Kyoto but that wasn't working out...So I decided that I would spend the time at a friend in Osaka and go to an aquarium there amongst other places.

So I left out this morning and parked my car then took the bus to Osaka... After about 1 hour inside the bus, I started to feel sick... Yes recently long journeys on a bus or a train, is causing me to have motion sickness... I don't know why... but this doesn't normally happen. So every time the bus stop for a break, I get out and walk around a bit..... while in the bus, I played a whole lot of Grand theft auto liberty city on my PSP to buy time for the 3 hour 40 mins bus ride.

In Osaka, I then had to take 2 more trains to get to my friend's place... 1 train for about 35 mins and the other for about 2 mins.... I got to my friend's place then we headed out to another area for a yearly festival thingy..... It was very interesting... I met some more persons at the festival and one Japanese girl said she saw a sign saying JARK CHICKEN.... So we headed to that area.... the guys that were doing it, were some reggae/Jamaica fanatics, and there are a couple a people like that in Japan, trust me... they had the Jerk chicken thing in front of a store name "Hope Road" which is located in Jamaica... One of the guys at the store, said he visited Jamaica 3 times already. I bought some of the "jark" chicken and even though it tasted almost nothing like our Jerk chicken in Jamaica, it was pretty decent. But then again the sign said Jark and not Jerk...

One of the persons who were there with us was a black guy from the US... He is a patent lawyer in the Osaka area.... Wow a black lawyer in Japan.... That's more than impressive to me .... He said he is here for about 1 year and 6 months as well... and said that it is just since the past 2 months or so that some of the very persons that he work with, started speaking to him..... WHY??? After so long??? And its not like he is living in a country area of Japan... This is in the middle of one of the biggest cities in Japan... and this is 2009 for Christ's sake !!! He is the only non-Asian person working at his firm...

At the festival, a bunch of persons would run while drawing a rope that is tied on to this movable shrine thingy with people on it.... Sometimes they run, pulling this thing with people on it, while turning corners..... Ohh yes this is dangerous and sometimes people fall off the movable shrine thingy... . Here is a video clip


After watching this festival, a couple of us went to Sannomiya, Kobe .... to go to a Jamaican restaurant.... its my second time here...and the food was pretty decent... While heading back to Osaka in our tired state... a Japanese guy was on the train sleeping and his feet were blocking the path so no one could gain access to the seat... So my friend who I was staying with Omara, touched the sleeping guy twice trying to wake him up... However, our lawyer friend wasn't so patient, he gave the guy 3 hits on his feet and he jumped up so quickly.... And actually it was his stop to get off the train...so he was lucky we got there...

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Stewart said...

All i wanna know is wat i have to do to get a law job like the black guy!