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Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 553 { Asian Union Maybe On The Way } Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 553 { Asian Union Maybe On The Way }

Today I stayed in all day playing the evony game and watching anime....then a Japanese friend of mine stopped by... thats pretty much all for today...

This new Japanese Prime minister seem to be what Japan needed all these years... His administration won the election quite convincingly... And the leaders of many countries are expecting a lot from him.... He is like a second Obama, except that he is Japanese, and he hardly have any opposition because of his race.... Can you believe that the China and even North Korea has high expectations of this guy????

Read below

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama proposed the formation of an East Asian community along the lines of the European Union in his first meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The two leaders, meeting late Monday, also agreed to deepen bilateral ties, work closely toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and make progress on a snagged joint gas-development project in the East China Sea.

Hatoyama said he wants to make the two nations' strategic and mutually beneficial relations "more substantial," according to Japanese officials.


Richard ...what I did with the cell phone was to put it under this thing called a kotatsu, A table with a little heater thing under it... I left it there for about 2 hours to dry out the water... and the phone was good to go again...

Hey we went to bed 2 am because we were up chatting bredrin :) nothing else I promise...

Stewart, apparently you would need to do a bar exam from the USA or maybe England... Not sure if Jamaican Bar thing is recognised in Japan...The black lawyer guy has a bar from Washington DC.. And he is currently studying for the one in California..


Jamaipanese said...

A united East Asia would be a a powerhouse.

I used to play that Evony game but got bored of it after a while.

Stewart said...

So wait Japan doesnt have a Bar programme that People can do? Thats quite odd.

Isn't there already an asian alliance? If I remember correctly the name of the alliance is ASEAN

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Wait...Bounty ting large man. Alliance all deh a Asia!

(yes, i'm joking)