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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 554 { Religious Hard Talk } Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 554 { Religious Hard Talk }

Went to play football today after over 2 months of break... Ohh it was wonderful. And I managed to score 1 goal against the opposing team... And about 2 or 3 while training with my team.... Again I must admit that my fitness is waining ... But, I plan to take drastic steps to improve my fitness again.... I actually started by jogging last night.....

Yesterday while at home, I watched a couple of religious hard talk programmes on youtube (A TV programme in Jamaica that explores different religions and have debates etc)... I found them quite interesting... And I had no idea that Muta Baruka (A famous Jamaican Dub Poet) was so well learnt...Here are the videos that I watched.... I must say that even though I am a Christian, the pastor (Rev. Clinton Chisolm) lost this debate in my opinion...







Yes Stewart there is The ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations but Japan, China, nor South korea is a part of that group.... They have diplomatic relations with them but thats about it... There is NO union that joins Japan, China and/or South Korea together...... There is the East Asian Summit that is held every year which includes the ASEAN nations, Japan, China and South Korea as well India, New Zealand and Australia... But thats pretty much it....... There is though the proposed EAC (East Asian Community) which would include all the ASEAN nations along with China, Japan and South Korea.... But that is yet to happen...... I am guessing because of Japan's military history...

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

You really never know that Mutabaruka have sense?? Is Twin of Twins cause it BUT even in twins of twins skit, the Mutabaruka has always been the logical thinking one.