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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 563 { Japan Lost Bid For 2016 Olympics } Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 563 { Japan Lost Bid For 2016 Olympics }

Stayed in most of the day today, then in the evening, went to have dinner at my bible study presenter's house.... 2 other ALTs came as well....

So first Chicago and Tokyo, lost their bid for hosting the 2016 Olympic games. Rio de Jinero, Brazil won it hoooorayyy!!! With Madrid, Spain coming in at a distant second. As much as I wanted Tokyo to win it for my own selfish reasons (So I could at least try to attend 1 event where Jamaica would participate), I am still quite elated that Rio got it. I have several reason for this:

1) USA has hosted a few Olympic games before.
2) Japan has xenophobia problems to deal with
3) Spain has racism problems to address
4) As far as I know, Brazil has no xenophobia or race problems to deal with
5) There has never been an Olympic event in South America ever...

The only issue I have with hosting the Olympics in Rio is the whole matter of crime in that area... Hopefully Brazil will address that situation properly by then...

Tokyo's hopes of hosting the 2016 Olympics were shattered Friday as the Japanese capital was eliminated in the second round of voting by the International Olympic Committee.

Rio de Janeiro was named the winner of rights to stage the 2016 Games, beating Madrid in the final round of voting to become the first South American Olympic host.

Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting before Tokyo's exit left the race down to the Rio and Madrid.

Under host city voting procedures, the city with the fewest number of votes in each successive round of balloting is eliminated until one city has reached a majority of the valid votes cast.

It was Japan's third consecutive failed bid to win the rights to hold the Summer Games. Nagoya lost out Seoul for the 1988 Olympics while Osaka was eliminated in the first round of voting for the 2008 Games, which went to Beijing.

"It's a pity. We united as a team and did everything we could," said Japanese Olympic Committee chief Tsunekazu Takeda.

"There is a winner and a loser and this time we couldn't win but we have also gained something. We have to figure out how to go for the 2020 Olympics."

Tokyo was left to rue what might have been after efforts to convince the IOC that it could stage "the most compact and efficient Olympic Games ever."

JOC Vice President Tomiaki Fukuda said he was surprised at Madrid staying alive.

"I thought Madrid would be eliminated. There is a possibility that it won votes out of sympathy for (former IOC president Juan Antonio) Samaranch. It's a real shame. I want Tokyo to bid for the Olympics one more time."

Samaranch had appealed for the Spanish capital, reminding IOC members that, at age 89, "I am very near the end of my time."


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