Day 565 { Fighting In a Food Store } Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 565 { Fighting In a Food Store }

After work today, I went to bible study.. and this time, even more persons were there than last week... about 15 of us this time... But that's because 2 persons were there visiting, and the others wanted to see these 2 persons who were visiting...We introduced ourselves and we all had a good time... We ended up not having any bible study but just talking and looking at the world map.

My friend told me a rather interesting story yesterday about a family fight in a restaurant that I frequently go to. Something like this I have never heard before... I am sure you have probably never heard one like it either... But if you do, please tell me...

Ok so its like this, a mother and her 2 daughters were sitting in the friend said they both look like they are in the 16-18 age bracket.... The younger sister told the mom and the older sister that she is going out a bit, and should be back when the food is ready.... The older sister ended up staying out for about 1 hour .... Now all this while, the mom and older sister were waiting on the younger sister to come so that they could all eat at the same time!!! Well, the little sister then walked in, sat around the table and was about to eat... Then suddenly, out of no where, the older sister kicked her powerfully and started cursing her about her lateness... The little sister started apologising but that apparently made the big sister even more furious...and a fight between 2 sisters ensued in the restaurant, to the amazement of everyone there...

Now now now, lets evaluate exactly what they were fighting for..... As far as I know, it was simply because she didn't arrive on time when the food was ready ???? Anyway let me not be judgemental, food is a big part of the culture here....


No Dave...they were not fighting because she never come with the food. PLUS, it doesn't sound like much of a fight. Sound like the little sister get beat up. If me and you go out, and me say, soon come back and gone for 1 HOUR, you wouldn't vex??? No contact, nothing for 1 hour you waiting hungry, waiter come with food and you send him back to try keep the phone warm?

Beat she fi get beat...I know if i'm a parent and my child did that, WORRIES!!!!

PLUS, you never know the back story. Maybe the little sister is a constant trouble maker and it just overwhelm the big sister that she could have such disregard.

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